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HONG KONG TRADE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (HKTDC) is a statutory body/international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers. Established in 1966 under the HKTDC Ordinance (Chapter 1114),With our network of more than 40 offices worldwide, Our mission is to create opportunities for Hong Kong companies and to promote bilateral trade and investment between Asia and foreign countries.

HONG KONG TRADE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL requires the services of, credible individuals and corporate bodies in USA and CANADA to represent its interests with companies that export products from Asia to these continents.

As head of human resources, I am mandated to recruit individuals and corporate bodies in USA and CANADA for this purpose. Your contact was sourced via market research based on an On-line Job search directory.

Representatives will act as intermediaries between us and customers in their country of residence. Representatives may also receive payments on our behalf and assist with placing orders for goods and services that may be required in their country of residence.

A commission of 15% is paid for your service(s). We guarantee a monthly minimum of $5,000 to part time workers and a maximum of $30,000 based on the work volume, work efficiency, experience gathered on the job, punctuality as situation demands and hard work.


Interested applicants should send the following details, and direct all enquiries to our representative consultancy department for more information:

Full Names:


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