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Lance Drummonds - "I want you"

Lance Drummonds - "I want you"

Lance Drummonds releases 2nd single "I Want You" off his latest project "A Cover Story"

New York, NY – April 24th, 2012 – With a hypnotic twist to the timeless track, Lance Drummonds debuts his second single, "I Want You", off his forthcoming project, "A Cover Story". Lance adds a modern edge to the Marvin Gaye classic, cooking up a special recipe where lust meets love; a song we can all feel. Lance exhibits powerful vocals that are sure to capture the attention of all R&B lovers everywhere. Spring love, spring lust, let them both play their role in this sure to be hit.

Listen to/Download "I want You" by Lance Drummonds here: "I Want You"
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Lance Drummonds Official Website

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Manager: Carolyn Ortiz


The highly anticipated "Mass Destruction" video from Par-City & Mickey "MauSe" Factz, directed by Puma of The Program LLC has finally arrived exclusively at KarmaLoopTV. The world's largest online retailer of street wear, are now Par-Citizens. Big shout out to Christian (PookieRazzi) over at KarmaLoopTV. CHECK THE VIDEO OUT ON KARMALOOP TV!


BlackerUSA day Party!

Shoutouts to Qween Joya on the Mic!

30 years on air Kiss FM says goodbye

After 30 years One of Black radio's biggest voices shuts down tonight at 12 am... I wanna cry! I listened to this station for years! Kiss FM started on August 1, 1981 and is leaving today to join forces with WBLS; Another huge voice in the Black community. Boy this year just continues with much heartaches. Take a listen:

20 yrs: Los Angeles Riots Anniversary

We the Qweens are seeing that through history certain days are never forgotten. We were babies at this time but we never forget our history... Take time to view video:

Single Parent Moment: Sherri Shepherd

"Single moms and dads: Dont accept anything less than one who who will love&protect the biggest part of ur heart- ur child" tweeted by Sherri Shepherd ( cohost of ABC's The View)

This will be a new addition to our blog to bring encouragement to our single parents. You arent alone...

TV Qween Oprah ATL Spelman grad

Its come to the Qweens attention that the Qween of primetime has been having a deep affect in ATL...
This years Speaker for graduation ceremony at Spelman College will be Oprah Winfrey. Reports have stated shes become a common attraction in the city known as "Black Hollywood". With knowledge of  stumbling network (OWN) with staggering ratings, Atlanta should bring her much peace. The Qweens are longtime supporters of the primetime Qween, she continues to open her doors to MANY people. We applaud her!

Classic Raptress's of all time

Who can we say is Classic Raptress of all time?

I grew up on MC Lyte, Queen Latifiah, Lil Kim, Eve, Trina, and the list goes on. The biggest name to rock in current times are that of none other than Nicki Minaj. She has changed the course of what defines a female rapper in the hiphop industry. Never has a generation or culture of young woman been deeply influenced by a woman of Nicki Minaj's calibur. I am stunned on my daily travels to see the fashion that young teen females are inspired to wear. What is to come of young women of the African American& Latino communities? This is quite controversial and causes stirs of conversation... Woman young and matured are you not Unique? Do you not see yourself beautiful with out having to imitate what is produced by a "Character" such as Nicki Minaj? Voice yourself