We the women behind the name Browneyedqweens stand firm on how we feel and what we do in reference to this website. We stepped into this controversial and competitive world of Blogging with not so much as a glance of looking back. Joya and I appreciate the emails,bbm's,texts,phone calls and invites that we have constantly received in regards to us as a company and "being".

Whether the inquiry of our where abouts were hearfelt or to be just plain "NOSEY"... WE appreciate that because it shows us we have made an impact amongst the peers, that we have grown to know in this brutal and quite entertaining world called the "Industry". Our goal is to empower women, young and old. Specifically women who have BIG UNTOUCHABLE dreams. Creating the site and covering various subjects from industry to personal, we want women to voice what they feel and be motivated to make their dreams happen! We would like to thank Hoodlife media CEO Terrell Blair, CCTM LLC. CEO Carolyn Fareri-Ortiz, Examiner/Soraspy Francisco Lopez, Candid Art CEO Candice Cox, Poet&Speaker Henry Gray, Epic Records and Proper&Co Kev Storey, Author&Speaker Tisha Conglomerate, StallandDean&Rucker VP Rikers and countless others who had given us opportunities to be the Qweens we are today. We say thank you. May God bless you all and your endeavors. Browneyedqweens is moving in new directions.

written by Candace Campbell