SlowBucks TV ReLaunch

Windsor "Slow" Lubin, and his partner Rodney "Bucks" Charlemagne have created their own mark on the Music Industry - a social networking platform for Artists, called SLOWBUCKS.TV. Round of applause and hats off to, these two hardworking brothers. Its always nice to see Queens on the map. Its seems like just last year, Juelz Santana quoted slowbucks in one of his songs. About a week later I saw all the "HoodRoyality" around my way wearing slowbuck tees for days (a different color tee for a different day). About a month after that people of all ages and different races were wearing these tee shirts and hats. It came to me as no surprise as I began to see all the local clothing shops sporting "SB" teeshirts in the windows. It has to feel good to come from queens and have everybody rocking your clothing line. The "SB" clothing line is just one of the many ventures Slow and Bucks are handling right now. It seems as if I've seen these faces before (G-Unit) maybe? These two are anything but new to the game. For all those up and comming artist they also have a platform for you as well: for your chance to win $100,000 and exposure log on to www.slowbucks.tv and while you're there dont forgot to check out their "SB" gear thats now available. Make sure you follow the dynamic duo on twitter @slowbucks_tv
BTW, the topless models were HAWT!!!!!

2012 and We're Still Alive!

The Qweens are so excited for what the new year has in store for us! So many new ventures this year to share with you all. From the very tops of our hearts Candace and I would like to say thank you, thank you, and thank you to everybody who came to our blog and checked it out. Whether you stayed for ten seconds or ten minutes it really meant alot to us. A huge hug and kiss to Francisco Lopez , thank you so much for everything (you really looked out for us). Also a huge huge hug and kiss to Terrell Blair, the CEO of Crackdvds and Hoodlifemovement (big s/o to Mel of Undertaker Films) we love you! Also we would like thank Shani of Stilettos&Sounds for all your help (we appreciate you all)! Thank you to everybody who called in and chatted with us on the web/radio (it ment so much to me, you guys know who you are.) To every artist and manager who gave us a drop, shout out and interview, thank you again!

To our family : Mom and Dad who would of thought, your daughters would make such a great team. For all your PRAYER, ADVICE, AND LOVE we thank you. we love you xoxo To our sibilings; heres to our brand tho ;)