D.ChamberZ Mixtape Release event

I arrived at the HLL (High LIFE LOUNGE) yesterday evening for a night
of good drinks and good music. The last thing booming out of Coney
Island I thought was the Warriors(the movie), but I was wrong, artist D. Chamberz is the
next thing smoking out of Coney Island.  He dropped his
latest mix-tape “Warrior Mentality” hosted by Dj Messiah. My favorite
song off his mix-tape is track 4 “Holla @ Ya Boy” featuring Fred the
who was in the building last night and my favorite rapper

 I’ve never been to the HIGH LIFE LOUNGE located in the village off
west 4 and to my surprise, it’s a small lounge that’s not really high
at all. I think my best part of the lounge was the bathroom. Very
girly and very clean. It was so weird they had like 4 bartenders all
women all catering to the guys … So much for good service; it took me
nearly 20 MINUTES to get a drink. But that’s wasn’t the only thing that
I had to wait for. The Dj was having technical problems that nobody,
not even the manager knew how to fix. But no need for worry as soon as
Dj Zeke came thru the door aka “The Go to Kid” he was waved down and
eventually fixed the problem. It’s always nice to see familiar faces
in the crowd, s/o to Buda the producer. It was nice seeing him. There
were a lot of battle rappers in the building as well. When I saw this
guy walk by me with what looked like a wrestling champ belt I was just
like are you serious? Who is he supposed to be? Ha, he looked like he
was winning with a girl on each arm …really? Oh how can I forgot D,
must be doing it big in C.I between him and his boys they had girls in
and out of the stretch SUV that was parked in front of the spot while
the party went on. Some were a yes an others were a HELL NO.

What started off as a slow night ended out ok. I grabbed me a gift bag
said my goodbyes and was on my way.

-words by Joya