Jim Jones Vampire Life2 F.E.A.S.T

In celebration of the mix tape release for Vampire Life 2, I attended
the private screening of “Vampire Life 2 F.E.A.S.T. the movie”

Just when I started to wonder where the hell Jim Jones was at and what
He’s been up too; he pops back on the scene and drops a jewel on us. I
strolled in into the Anthology Film Archives on a rainy day quite curious
as to see what the thugged out business man was pushing this time.

Now we all know Jimmy wasn’t a huge fan of “Love and Hip Hop” or maybe he just didn’t like how he was perceived. Either way in his newest project you can tell that Jones is in his element. Sex, drugs, fast cars, and Ca$h. that’s what’s it’s about when all the big homies get together right? I watched the movie in style, cup of henny in one hand no need for the weed, a few handsome homies put the piff clouds in the air. I just had to inhale. Honestly I think Jimmy and the team did their thing. Shout out to Trav, Sen City, Lady H, T.W.O, 1Shot Dealz, Slowbucks, and a host of others. The criminal imagery that they portrayed was crazy dope. Crime pays all across the bored in this short film, from Up-town, all the way to South Jamaica Queens.

At the private screening a few stars were in attendance. Mama Jones, Chrissy his fiance was in the building (no baby bump tho). Chrissy looked nice as always. Juelz Santana, Maino and Flo Rida were also there to show support. Jimmy answered a few questions after the screening here’s what he had to say:

Q. How did the idea for a movie come about?
A. “It all started with one video, and it turned into ten.”

Q. I know this is something different then reality TV. how was the project to you?
A. “This experience was huge to me. 8 guys, 4 hands and we made it happen- No Homo he laughs, right along with his boys. And then tells them to stop it because he’s talking.

Q. Where will you be distributing your film?
A. “I thought to myself, I was working on something the people … yall needed to see that’s why we are here today. So hopefully tomorrow I will have some options as to where to distribute.”

Q. How much was the budget for the film?
A. “The budget was in my pocket, and if you know Cliff Bell work then you know already know how that goes … he laughs

2 thumbs up for Jimmy for staying true to you and coming through once again for your fans. We Vampin’ over here are you? Make sure you download his new mix tape Vampire Life 2 F.E.A.S.T. (Family Eating and Staying True) how dope it that?  Make sure you follow Jimmy on twitter @jimjonescapo

words by Joya