Lets talk about Sex BABY! **BEDROOMKANDI**

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, has debuted' a new line of pleasure products for women and New York’s premier boutique for toys and accessories, Babeland SoHo, hosted last night’s launch event with her. It was a ladies night themed event, which included manicures by The Polish Bar of Brooklyn, cocktails, Bedroom Kandi raffle prizes and more. There were a few guys in the crowd as well. That’s always a plus because some of the guys I think really got skilled last night as to what we ladies like down below. Kandi was so pleasant and so southern lol. She truly is a southern bell short and stacked (have you seen her cake and those thighs? Any who during the night she did a quick meet and greet and then jumped right into the juicy part of the evening SEX TALK . . . s/o to all the ladies who know what they like, and don’t mind doing it to themselves!
The Bedroom Kandi line is elegant, sophisticated, discreet, and taps into her background as a songwriter and performer. One of the toys is music-responsive and two of them are designed in the shape of beauty products. Kandi also stated that none of this would have been able to happen without Suki, and Brian. “Couldn’t do it without them, they took an idea in my head and made it a reality” She’s also extremely happy about the positive response the toy line is receiving.

Ok ok ok, now for the JUICY highlights of tonight:

v  The Sugar Trick”: Wet the tip of your finger (I would use water) then dip it into some sugar (how much is up to you) then stick it in your vajayjay. It’s supposed to make your loveboxx cling even tighter to his shaft. The men well definitely know and feel the difference. TRY IT!

v  You need some POP ROCKS in your mouth. Give it a few seconds and then pop away. This I believe is supposed to offer pleasure to the fellas.

v  Halls cough drops can go either way for pleasure while giving oral to your partner. Whether inside your mouth while doing so or inside if her vajayjay. Oh my!

v  Kandi’s favorite toy is the Rabbit aka her “Happiness and Joy” – Happiness on the inside joy on the out! It also vibrates to your favorite songs off your mp3 and iPod.

v  Her best holiday gift recommendation is the Kandi Kisses lipstick. Nobody will even know what you’re doing! Do it anywhere!

Guys shouldn’t feel intimidated, but let’s face it there are some that are. The key is to learn the pleasure of the toy so you can do it, good luck taking notes!

Words by Joya


"Mary Jane", Is She Your Child's Bestfriend?

I think everybody makes that “I won’t do drugs” promise to themselves, but I bet you’re a** got high! As the years go on I’m pretty sure that promise was shot to hell. When I was in high school, my friends and I never got high. I don’t believe it was until senior year that I really began to smoke weed. Why? Idk, all the cool kids were doing it. No seriously I took my first puff with my childhood crush. I was so young I thought it made us “closer” … silly girl. I was so “booted” and “stoned”. The “munchies” came out of no-where after a few hours. I went to the store and brought bags chips, and candy. I’m not even going to front, I was somewhat paranoid too, oh the good ole’ days. Who would have thought that tattoos, weed, and skate boarding would be so popular among teens these days? While surprisingly cigarettes and alcohol use among teens are at the lowest level in decades, but marijuana use is on the rise, according to a survey released Wednesday December 13, 2011.

Ø  19 % of high school seniors said they smoked cigarettes in the past month compared to a peak rate of 36.5 percent in the mid-1990s, results from the National Institutes of Health Monitoring the Future survey showed.

Ø   Although alcohol remains popular among teens, rates of underage and binge drinking showed significant declines. Cigarette and alcohol usages by teens are at the lowest points since the first survey was taken in 1975.

Ø  Marijuana use among teens rose in 2011 for the fourth straight year, and daily marijuana use is at a 30-year peak level among high school students.

Ø  Nearly 47,000 students from 400 public and private schools were polled in classrooms earlier this year.

Ø  Among 12th graders, 36.4 percent said they smoked marijuana in the past year and 6.6 percent reported daily use.

The 2011 survey for the first time included questions about use of synthetic marijuana, a blend of herbs and spices laced with chemicals and commonly branded Spice or K2. More than 11 percent of high school seniors reported using the synthetic substance in the past year, it found. Until recently, K2 and Spice were sold legally online, in gas stations and other shops. Earlier this year federal regulators banned some of the synthetic chemicals. Next year researchers said they expect to ask questions about bath salts, an increasingly popular street drug that mimics the effects of drugs like LSD or cocaine.

Ø  “Monitoring the Future” is one of three major surveys used by federal health officials. Monitoring the Future is an annual survey of eighth, 10th and 12th graders conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan with funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
words by Joya