I was surrounded by HAWT Guys and Dolls that were seriously inked up!  Wings, crosses, skuLls, A LOT of coy fishes.  Inked Magazine's 7th anniversary celebration was so much fun. I was first in line, talk about good timing. The decor of the very popular club "GreenHouse" was freaky and creative. Unicorns, naked girls, faces with no bodies.  On all the little tables, displayed were copies of InKed Mag. Inked Magazine November's issue features Whiz Khalifa's girlfriend, Amber Rose graces the front cover. Flip through the pages and read her short Q&A about her boo,Whiz. Amber answers questions from her twitter followers. Her featured page spread is very sexy! Inside are even more hot chicks and dudes. The question asked by the editor: "Are tattoos art work" ? What do you guys think? I know a lot of people that have ink on them. The people who do the tattooing are called "artist" right?  After drinking a few glasses of wine I needed to use the bathroom, and what a bathroom it was. The bathroom wall paper was freaky lol and funny. Picture your favorite cartoon characters, except everyone and everything has a penis on it. I left my trade mark on the wall. There was a cup of chalk and you could tag the wall. "The Qweens were Here" -Juicy Joya .


QWEENS BEING CrazY: Pictures

Joya wildin on sleepin man lol



Many blogger's and Dj's from all over dialed in on a conference call T.I. conducted today. I took the time to listen in and, wow T.I. has a lot of projects he is working on.

His new single "Flexin" is a hit! When asked why he chose "Flexin" as his single out of many recordings Tip said out of all the new songs he did, he kept going back to that song.
Big things sure are popping in December. Be sure to keep your ears open and your eyes to the screen. T.I. Gives you a closer look into the fabric of his life. He plans on airing a "Reality" show. The King says and quote " I don't wanna call it a reality show because that takes away the integrity from my project. I'd like to call it more of a documentary." He's an actor, musician, fashion designer, husband and a father. I'm pretty sure he's even a good friend. The show will focus on his family (Family Hustle) and the different things his children are into. His daughter wants to sing. The OMG girls are on the Scream Tour. He's excited about that. Their shows are selling out and the girls are happy. T.I.'s sons also have dreams of their own as well. His son King wants to get into acting. His other son which he spoke of in the interview would also like to rap. The show will give his a platform to showcase his talents. The King also tells us with in a year or so he will be further pushing his female brand of AKOO. AKOO this year will be spreading the brand to Asia, and Japan. While T.I. has tons of scripts to go through.  T.I. says he is in no rush to do another movie. "I have been blessed to still have a lot of opportunities, and so I'm just waiting on the right time.

The King is home!

Rob Fresh gears up for the November release of his EP "Who I Am"


"Brooklyn's Finest"

I don't know why, but I'm really starting to become a huge fan of Brooklyn. As yall know Candace and I enjoy going to all types of places. The other night "Qweens Finest" crossed that bridge to enjoy the ARTS! It was great! Have you guys ever been to the NU Hotel Brooklyn? Well if you didn't, you should!  We did! Lol, Candace and I got a chance to be part of a the NU Hotel Brooklyn's continuing tradition of spotlighting exceptional local artists who have achieved international acclaim through their artwork with the upcoming “Brooklyn’s Finest” exhibition.  Brooklyn’s Most Celebrated Photographer and Graffiti Crew” Photographer Jamel Shabazz and James Top, Duro and Archer of The Odd Partners graffiti crew.

After having a drink I walked the hotel lobby/cafe  and just enjoyed the scenery. It was so funky, lol and really laid back but still so live. Good drinks, art, and music will do that to you. While Candace was on another floor, I took the time to get to know a few of the artist that were there:
Danielle Mastrion (Live Painting) you can see more of her work right here :
 CJ “Statch” Cureton (Air brushing) you can see more of his work right here: CJ Statch Cureton
I think they both are two talented individuals.

Javier Egipciaco, is the NU Hotel GM here's what he had to say “We are extremely honored to host a show that juxtaposes the artwork of Brooklyn’s most famous graffiti crew with images from the greatest photographer of the human experience to emerge out of Brooklyn.”

Here's some more info:

NU Hotel Brooklyn, the borough’s greenest and most artist friendly hotel. Selected pieces spanning the artists’ three decades long and running careers will be on display in the lobby and cafĂ© area of the hotel. Additionally, each artist will have his respective works featured in one of the hotel’s innovative, custom-designed guest rooms.