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Grafh feat. Joe Budden "Its Just Music"

Met this tall , handsome fella who I had no idea who he was lol... not because his name holds no weight its just, Grafh as he is known lost madddd weight and seem so different in person.. We spoke on few thangs like music reality tv and much more..Look out for exclusive interview soon. Below is his video so if you ain't catch it before heres a chance oncce again....

NorthCak Popular artist "Derty Den" : Limitless

(below is his first video off the Limitless mixtape)

For the Record Tell Us Who Is Derty Den the artist is "Now A Days" ?
a hard worker,an innovater,an entertainer

What sparked the creativity behind your new work/music?
actually being hands on creatively and just paying attention to the climate of the industry knowing what my fans want and always making sure I satisfy the

How Come You haven't Come to NYC yet?
(LOL I have to ask) You Have fans here and I'm surprised cause its a hefty fanbase that is faithful listeners..hahaha I'm in New York all the time its definately time to make that move I have new business in New York so yall will be seeing me a lil more you know everybodyworkin lol.

Are you currently in talks to being signed?
I've heard rumors, thangs thru the grapevine...
(LOL) hahaha the industry is always talking its always alot of interesting phone calls and conversations going on all imma say its alot of interesting numbers being threw around and one company is startin to talk my language lol

I absolutely luv ya video trailer, who was the mastermind behind the effects of your video, and can we expect more of this line of work in ur future music ?
of course shout out to CDUBTV the homie CDUB called me up and gave me the treatment and i was wit it im just stepping out side of the normal stereotypes makin something different and yes you can expect more for my debut album "Limitless" coming soon we will be shooting videos for every song gonna be very inteteresting

What are your Top Five Dead Or Alive (Rappers) and are you one of the 5?
1.biggie 2.jayz 3.jadakiss 4.50 cent 5.derty den

What Can your audience expect from Derty Den within the next year?
a major situation more great videos and a great album "Limitless" coming soon


Tyrese ft. Taraji P. Henson "Stay" video

Lance Drummonds Sings At INFAMOUS MET Stadium

Pic from Qboro Classic Few Weeks Back

picture courtesy of TechieNYC

Producer Kerry"Krucial" Brothers & Singer Alicia Keys Praises "Mateo"

Hot, Sexy Bar maids in black lingerie, Grey Goose and a dimly lit art gallery is the way to truly set the mood. Upcoming singer Mateo voice is the cherry on top. His voice is soothing and relaxing. Host of the private listening event was Power105.1 Angela Yee. I enjoyed Mateo's music the other night. I and my sis CC walked into the beautiful AM Art Gallery (which by the way is DOPE) where the event was held. I enjoyed both the inside as well as the outside. They kept the door closed so they wouldn't bother the neighbors above lol, how nice. I got a drink, sat down to take a sip. I closed my eyes and just listen to Mateo sing and play the piano. Mateo serenaded the crowd. He is truly talented. You have to be a big deal when a Alicia Keys sends you a video praising your talents and work. Mateo's next single "SAY IT SO" is produced by Kerry "Krucial" Brothers which features Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. His last single "Don't Shoot Me Down" featured Goapele. A brief trailer of his new video sparked my interest. I'm eager to see what he comes up with next. I'll be listening!

words by Joya C.

UNCF&HBCU Empowerment Tour Long Island City

Special guest hits up Simon Carr's Bday bash!

I met this fella named Simon Carr, my weekend in Philly. He is a talented brother and he is humble. We have been networking consistently and I am happy for the success he's received thus far. Below are pictures from his Bday Bash in Philly a couple weeks ago. A special guest appearance from popular Football player Michael Vick
"special guest flew in to stop by to wish me a very special happy birthday
right after the big game on thats BIG!!!"... Simon Carr

Browneyedqweens Pics of Adrian Alicea 2012 fashion show

Above pictures features: Joya (Browneyedqweens) , Alexis Brown (upcoming fashion designer), Rebecca Cruz (wife of Terry Cruz) , and model Gina Cattanach

These following pictures were taken courtesy of Alexis since Im so short! lol... Huge applause to the model in our top picture: Cristina Montanti she was the youngest at 12 years old in the Adrian Alicea fashion show 2012 and she was elegant! Her brothers were so proud of her yelling her name. It was a cute scene.


Adrian Alicea Haute Couture Fashion Show 2012

Shout out to Shani of Stilettos&Sounds and Jewell stylist to the stars for the look out....
 Sunday Sept 6, 2011 we were invited as press/media to a boutique kind of fashion show. The designer goes by the name of Adrian Alicea and of course I've never heard of him before. I arrived to the city only to get lost because the invite stated the address to be 160 Central Park West. When actually after chasing down cops for info, it was being held in a church on the corner of 75th and Central Park West. Now mind you it was definitley breezy and my idiot self didnt wear no coat that evening. We reach inside the church to be confronted with a long line of folks, I waved to my ole gurl Candice Cox of CandidArt Jewelry (whoo whoo) and proceeded to find the press line. At most of these events nothing is as it seems. There was no press line nor seating either(later on you'll see what I mean)
I found us seating in the second row inside the sancutary. Then made my way to the backstage area where there was plenty booty dangling and fine muscles exposed. All I could say was "oh my!" I liked. There was one model in particular that I saw was just too high siddity for no reason (smh) Ok Details now.... Show was scheduled for 7:20pm but instead started later, seating was unorganized and press was told to be seated in third row, like we suppose to see from way back there! I was ticked myself because the gentleman who told me to remove myself to back row as press, moved me because supposedly Nicki Minaj and family were to attend. Lets just say when I saw who was actually seated I asked the usher are those Nicki Minaj relatives and she nearly became speechless when  asked. My point was made (smh). Anyhoot moving along, the show began with grammy nominated artist/actress Melba Moore. Melba sung with so much heart, too bad the microphone was muffled messing up the enjoyment of her holding such a high note. African inspired music started the show, the models strutted their stuff down the runway with 4' inch heels or higher. They were sexy, fresh, energtic, sassy, and moved with elegance. Adrian's fashion was seen to me as sexy mixed with rogue and raw. There were plenty of feathers in his work, which represented his travels to the rainforest. Funny from the sidelines there was plenty see in the audience also. One gay dude nearly tipped over in his chair to catch glimpse of the models penis size lol it was hilarious! A model by the name of Cristina Montanti captivated the audience as she graced the runway for she stood no taller than 4'11 and only 12 years old. She was gorgeous! I absolutely enjoyed the show and backstage. Oh and as for the seat we had to give up it was for Mary J. Blidge artist Nicki Terese and her family. Go figure huh? lol Congrads to Adrian Alicea on his 2012 fashion show and to the stars that supported him, especially wife Rebecca of actor Terry Cruz. She stirred the photographers and audience with her entrance in the beginning. Much appreciation to the drink of choice Moscato Cheers!


Celebs Turnout for Samantha Black Fashion Show(Style360)

The talk of the town last night was amongst fashions elite, Designer Samantha Black aka "Sammy B" ... Missy SammyB  unveiled her Spring 2012 collection during Style360 at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York....
I was extremely tired and fely rushed, but I had to go to this. This is the first celeb fashion show ever that featured the host designer being Black that we have attended. Of course such things as fashion shows,music shows there are the typical miscommunications. At the door they had press getting on line with "regular" folks, so already I wasn't feeling it. Apparently the inside crew wasnt organized with lists for press and seating charts. Thank God for my sis/partner Joya I would have had to stand on line. Shoutout to the "wannabe" press "she-he's" that put on a show for the security and didnt get in till after the fact. LOL But moving along I got in ahead of the line of most of the popular celebrities. Also thanks to sis being on time unlike me, we got awesome sitting in the second row. Browneyedqweens we does this! The comotion before the show was quite entertaining, lets see: You had celebs taking other celebs already assigned seats and "the crew" was rearranging those who were already seated with folks who didnt matter lol. It was such a spectacle. Also shout out to the nappy blonde headed phony photographer who stole a celebs gift bag and damn near had security for her bag cause she knew she stole it! lol

Regardless of it all Samantha Black's fashion show was fantastic! Her style was eccentric and live with colors. The Models were tall and strutted their stuff with passion...Celebs ranging from: EmilyB, Christie, Teairra Marie, PATRA, SteveyJ, Meeka Claxton (whose PR was mad "hungry" last night) , Omarion,  Acehood(whom I almost teared cause his words run deep with me), Fabolous, Coco&Breezy, Tika Sumpter (absolute heart her personality), Angela Simmons(she tripped toward end of runway), Solange Knowles, and sooo much more just watch the pics!

Interscope signs "JUMZ"


Interscope Picks up JUMZ for Digital Distribution Deal.
JUMZ to release next single on Interscope Imprint.

New York, NYC September 13, 2011 – Indie recording artist JUMZ based out of NYC will now have his music distributed under the Interscope Records label. All of JUMZ's music as of last month will be retailed digitally via iTunes, Amazon and all major and relevant online media and digital distribution hubs under Interscope Records.

This feat is one of many the artist has had this year after a successful tour along the East Coast and being Nominated for Rapper of the Year at this year's Underground Music Awards.

The first single to be released will be "Victim" off the Big White Tee Music mixtape which is set to drop before the end of September. Big White Tee Music will commence a series of mixtapes the artist JUMZ will produce throughout the rest of his music career.

About JUMZ -
Recording artist born and raised in the neighborhood of Washington Heights, NYC. He has toured overseas and on a national scale, released a single with Q-tip of A Tribe Called Quest, and was featured on GrandMaster Flash's first album in 20 years, The Bridge.

iTunes link below:

JUMZ - Victim

1st Australian Vogue Plus Size MOdel Cover?

Australian Vogue recently published its first ever plus-sized model spread. Full figured model, Robyn Lawley, recently blessed the cover of Vogue Italia, was chosen to represent full-figured women all over the world and showcase her beauty and curves in this 10-page spread. "This is the first time Vogue Australia has shot a larger model and of course now that we have done it, I ask myself why we didn’t do it sooner," stated Editor-in-Chief Kirstie Clements about working with model Lawley. "It’s an interesting conversation – the world of high fashion and fuller-figured women…One that needs to be continued." We are happy to bring you Australian Vogue…the first plus-size spread. Love it!

Fashion Week Headliner: Jessica White

The official cosmetic sponsor for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Maybelline for the Spring 2012 season it will feature its spokesbeauties Jessica White, Shu Pei Qin, Lisalla Montenegro, Christy Turlington and Emily Didonato.

Fame Destined:Glasses Malone

As you all saw I interviewed Young Money/Cash Money Glasses Malone for my brother site (Check it out) of lately Glasses been making moves. Just recently he just did his album release party in Cali with VIBE magazine (check out as the host. Below there is Glasses Malone video shot in Brooklyn off Flatbush "Eastsidin"

Fashion Week 2011/2012

Once again Fashion Week NYC is upon us. The designers from all different angles will be among us in the dirty Apple this week Sept. 8-15 2011

New Music/Artist: Lega-C

Recap of the week: WRECKFUL SHOWCASE

The other night I attended a showcase @ Times Square Comedy Club hosted by SHAMPOO. (I'm like who is Shampoo?) Trust me it was one of the worst shows I've been to in my life. The best part of last nights show was Comedian Bobby Johnson. He had me rolling. He joked of lesbians too much but still he was funny. (Oh yeah and wtf? 18$ for a drink) I didn't pay for any of mine last night but still that's a grip. Shampoo, first time ever seeing this dude. For starters he was drunk and just so vulgar, not funny at all. Every other word outta his mouth was bitch this, mothafucka that, stank p*ssy this my d*ck that ... Like Really? A female rapper got on stage reppin bk reminded me of a young Foxy. She sounded nice I thought she could have had on more clothes but hey she's a performer right? Anyway she finishes her performance the crowd goes crazy (her supporters) then Shampoo takes the stage and says "yeah clap for that bitch" *Blank stare* was that really needed? I would rather be talking about the artist music but none of the acts last night hardly compare to the drunk bald guy hosting. He was on a roll last night, dancing on stage during artist performance, making faces on stage behind them and just straight wilding out. Shampoo I believe cut one groups performance short and they weren't having that (the stage got crowded) and I believe the target was Shampoo. What's even worse is I leave the spot because honestly I can't take anymore of the show. Outside I grab a bite to eat and bump into some very upset rappers. "Shampoo took our money and pushed the show back three times." OH MY! "This showcase was supposed to be three months ago and you do niggas like this" ... I couldn't believe my ears. Last night was strictly jokes. I was asked not to blog about it, but come on really. The man had on a shirt that said "Broke People make me sick, throw up" I think he said 40$ a shirt and if you don't have it you can get a shirt for some head, lol wtf was he thinking last night?

words by Joya C.