To go DOWN or Not To go Down?

It is 2011 and would you believe that there are men who actually don't give oral to their partners? I have come encountered with men varying between ages 30-45 that stated they will not give oral because it is "not natural" or not "their thang"...
To top that kind of view, they then had the audacity to say that a female giving them oral was "the norm" lol. In my head I just looked at them and sAW why they are single. They truly believe that the dick is all they need to please a woman. SMH... fellas you are sadly mistaken. Interesting enough that they all are not in relationships and are workaholics. Oh I should the say the age plays a part too.
One thing that will keep a woman happy is knowing her man can please her head to toe. Men nowadays want that "quick sex" and no foreplay. You say slow down and they look at you crazy, lol they rather be a race horse and cum in seconds. There is more to say on this ordeal however I'm ending on this note "Men Step Ya Game Up, better yet ya Dick game way UP!"

Ladies don't settle cause you'll always be unsatisfied.....

To Be Legendary...The beginnings

Many sites have specific segments to express how they feel for a person place or thing. Browneyedqweens has had plans in the works for quite sometime to do the same. We are a website that focus's on entertainment in any realm and also the empowering of women. We aren't interested in the dating tips,how to dress for a date tips,what to look for in a man tips,what not to say tips,tell if your man is cheating tips, and the list goes on cause that's what all various female blog-site's incorporate. First off ladies you know these things way ahead of time! You have intuition, yes it is your conscious speaking ever so clear. It's that gut feeling you get when you know something just isn't rite. We've been there plenty of times our lives. You know when he/she's lying, how you looked when you put that dress on, whether he was with that girl the other night. Do you honestly need to consistently read it in a blog post to remind yourself of what you already know? I get it its like confirmation. That's totally understandable, but reality check says "WAKE THE HELL UP AND GO ON WITH LIFE BE SMARTER THAN YESTERDAY"" So with much of that out the way, My sis and I wanted something that uplifts and brings to light the intelligence of our beautiful Sistas&Bruthas whether Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian etc. We are entitling it as "I AM LEGEND BECAUSE..." The first to be presented in this segment is author Tish Boyd author of novel "Heads or Tails, Geminis Don't Choose"


MovieRecap: The Help

Due to the weather I was coped up in the house for the remainder of the weekend. I am a person who gets often restless being in the house, especially with two kids and no male company. So I plotted down on my couch and pressed play to the most controversial films as of lately "The Help". Yep it was a bootleg, oh and don't front like ya'll haven't entertained the likes of a good bootleg movie. This movie "THE HELP" is plotted round two maids African American who have suffered racism, been scorned and mistreated. As result of all that has taken place they tell their heart-wrenched tales of abuse and racism to a young Caucasian gal whose trying to get her foot in the door of journalism. I enjoyed the movie, I even cried in those dramatic scenes. It ranged with comedy and drama. It is sad that many of the present generation don't understand the sacrifices past generations have made for the Black Community. The message in the film was quite loud. Many Black woman raised Caucasian babies who then had the audacity to turn on the very person that was assigned to raise them. It is a reality check when seeing a race in depth film, young black kids just don't know how good they have it. Welp everyone when you get a chance check out THE HELP....

Hunted Pussy vs. Greedy Men

I recently had a conversation with an associate of mines and she stated “Why do I seem to always be an awesome mistress to men instead of being a wife?” I felt for her, what is it about her that attracts men who are already taken? They say you are what you attract. But on the other hand why do married/taken men still flaunt their “johnny” around knowing they have a woman at home waiting on them already?
The answer’s to it all is it’s all in what you allow. You as a female should know what you deserve. You aren’t a piece of meat or side dish. A man shouldn’t have the right to call you at will for his own satisfaction. You give your body to a man that has someone at home already, all you do is hurt yourself. When he’s inside of you, what’s not to say he’s not thinking of her. Women continue to give up their power and don’t realize it sadly. The bible states “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14)…
Men are hunters and women are the prey, better yet we are the prize they desire to flaunt. It is a constant game, the players just seem to change often. Ladies you are more precious than you would believe, why do you think men long for ya’ll the way they? Just Sayin…


Bad Boy: The Troubled Dynasty

There hasn't been a reigning New York Conglomerate like that of Bad Boys since Notorious BIG's death. The following members: Biggie, Mase, Faith Evans, Mary j. Blidge, Total,112, Craig Mack, Mark Curry, The Lox, Lil Kim, Black Rob, Loon,Lil Cease, and oh gosh the list just goes on. The Mastermind behind all of this is the infamous Sean ("Puff Daddy,PDiddy,Diddy") Combs. How interesting his career has been from intern to dancer to the orchestra of the Biggest dynasty in hip-hop during the 90's.

It was spoken on recently amongst my peers how is it that such a company as Bad Boy has lasted this long, without that much to show for its self? Not one artist on the label is truly on the label lol. I mean every time someone signed to Bad Boy they were hot for a "moment" then disappeared. On paper Diddy still makes money off them as artist, they cant eat unless he eating and Diddy takes the bigger portion always. Lol Ive heard the rumors of him signing his soul to the devil, that he's on the down low and the rumors never cease. Funny though you do see he's never denied or spoken on the rumors at all. It isn't so much that I myself question them but honestly, how is it that Bad Boy still remains? And is all what people state true? Are there any prominent New York Artist on Bad Boy as of today? Makes me wonder does it matter? Somethings in due time come to light... until then "Sean Diddy Combs is basking in it all on his own"


UMAs : disgrace or not?

You would think after nine years of presenting awards People would have their “ish” together, well guess what think again. Yesterday Browneyedqweens arrived to the ninth annual Underground Music Awards where we not only were on time but awaited for four hours for the show to start. According to various media person(s) we encountered, the time that was assigned varied. Some were told 2pm and others were told 4:30pm. We Joya and I arrived at 4:30pm, waited on line for 15-20 minutes, given our press passes and then was searched. Following the search, we were led downstairs where we waited another four hours till Showtime.
I tell you Black folks are a trip. Prior to this event I had gone to the fifth annual Latin Mixx Awards (type in ”latinmixx” in search area to see write up) not only were they organized the only issue they ever encountered through the whole show was a technical difficulty w/audio. I applaud the Latinos and their effort to “be better than”. I felt like I was at a semi Grammy award show. I am anticipating the next Latin Mixx awards show trust. Now far as the Underground Music Awards, not only is the organization rumored to be fraudulent (often artist pay their way for winnings and many boycotted the show this year) but they are absolutely UNORGANIZED! The UMAs are run by Colored Folk, who as always can’t seem to prove otherwise (CP TIME) bout handling business and time accordingly. Time is Money and my time is precious. We didn’t stay to see the winners, however it was a pleasure to see Chanel Rae (Red Carpet Hero), D. Chambers (rapper), Budathefuture (producer), Lexx9Eleven (rapper),FredtheGodson (artist), and CristionDior (latino rapper)…. Salute to all the Winners….

Carols Daughter "Macadamia" Launch Event

In the heart of Harlem Beautiful Sistahs of all parts of the rainbow gathered together for the launch of Carol’s Daughter: the Macadamia collection. Held at the flagship store on the Westside of Harlem, Us ladies were indulged with champagne, cake, and 15% off the fabulous products (holla!). Now darlins you can’t beat that. The event was hosted by the lovely Diva’s Lounge (ShaynaD.) and Jones Magazine. If you happened to miss out on this awesome event don’t feel bad, the sale is still going on. Just go checkout or visit the flagship store at 24 West 125th Street (Harlem).

I must say I was bedazzled by the amazing products and scenery in the store. The staff was ubersweet, and I definitely was tipsy, but live after like five drinks lol. I truly was intrigued by the beauty serenading the room. I love when sistas of all cultures gather together and chitchat (network). It was a pleasure meeting every last one of em’… The star of the night was the one and only “Lisa Price”

She is inspiring and quite elegant in person. Ladies if you haven’t cop’d anything from Carol’s Daughter yet, Let me just suggest to you now get the “Ecstasy” bath&body oil which is my fav! The smell is so sexy! Well there you have it folks….


Launch of La Femme Suite in Harlem

Event Planner,PR,Legion Media Group own Chanel Rae had an awesome birthday celebration at the Launching of Black owned La Femme Suite. The new established business is nestled in the heart of Harlem off 7th ave& Nicholas... Below are pictures of BROWNEYEDQWEENS... PICTURES COURTESY OF CHAMPIONEYEMEDIA


Choppin it up w/Cash Money Artist Glasses Malone

Full of good vibes,fam, the hood, Flatbush/BK Crips and Cali Swag... I had a good time interviewing the popular artist Glasses Malone who was just laidback and cool.... check it out the interview


Mark Duggan bLACK London Man shot and Killed

Protest taken place on same night of shooting

Writer/Demonstrator Darcus Howe: LONDON riots 1981

As you see London isnt unfamiliar of outrage from urban communities... Darcus Howe, Lee Walker and Mike Masbeth speak...

Reporter disrespects Legendary Darcus Howe on London Riots

Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster with a voice about the riots. Speaking about the mistreatment of youths by police leading to an up-roar and the ignorance of both police and the governement. Intelligent black male.(via mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCeGaL)

Live w/rapper Maino's new artist "Jung Ace"

A few nights ago I got a chance to sit down and chop it up with Maino's new artist Jung ACE and I was so intrigued by what he had to say. The drinks were strong and the buffalo wings were the truth, (they were too good) s/o to @followKaytee!

I was sitting by the bar talking to a promoter I'm guessing, and the mystery of the night comes to an end when Ace walks up to us and introduces himself. He throws on his glasses and shakes my hand sternly and is like "What's up I'm Jung Ace" Funny, its like his boy was behind him like yeah he is who he says he is; nodding his head really hard behind him. I grab another drink and away we go into the dark.

On the other side of the door we sit down and finally I got to pick the young rappers mind and know his thoughts. We spoke about a few things.

Q. What are your feelings right now about the state of Hip Hop from an up and coming artist point of view?

As far as Ross is concerned, Jung Ace strongly believes that Rick Ross can body HoV! Ace also said "These days your mix tape has to be album good" I like Big Sean he's a cool lil dude. Consequence crossed our path in discussion, (guess he just didn't make GOOD- enough music) lol. But I honestly think Kanye jacked some of his swagg. Somewhere along the lines Nicki popped up and we both agreed give respect to where respect is due, but overall Nicki Minaj is doing her thing hands down.

Q. Top 5 Rappers

A. Maino, a hundred grand that's my motha' fucking man right there! Imma Bk nigga all day. I fuck with Ross, Wiz, and J-cole he reminds me of what was in the 90s. Finally he said Jay-Z and I'm like even after you said Ross could take him and he was like yeah Hov.

Q. If rapping doesn't work out for you (which I'm sure it will) what will be Jung Ace's next venture?

A. "If rapping doesn't work out, Imma start a rock band and Imma give it 100 % because I am ACE and this is what I do! Like I'm more then grateful"

Make sure you guys and dolls DOWNLOAD DA REALIST SHIT I EVA WROTE and check him out at to get in contact with Jung ACE
And FOLLOW him on twitter now @JUNGACE

- words by Joya Campbell

The Consequences of 2011 London riots

It is sickening and sad. The male is helpless and bleeding yet he still is robbed smh...


Within the past week so much has gone on. As you all know we Browneyedqweens are New Yorker's, it is the city that never sleeps and neither do we lol especialy CC (ME).... Anyhoot here's a brief rundown of whats happened:

UK emerging rapper "Tinie Tempah" shuts down a semi-packed house at SOBs. The audience was full of Caucasian Hot97 listeners,hipsters,skateboarders and London tourist for which was a phenonmenal show. Hot97's own Peter Rosenberg was the host and I recently found out that He actually plays real hiphop late night on radio. Moving along, before they brought the nights treat out you had your typical break the ice artist play the stage: STS/Philly with DJ Bear, Queens native Action Bronson, Hezekiah/Philly whonhad Roc from Heletah Skeletah drop some entertaining gibberish lol and to round em all out DMV artist "Los" locks the crowd in. Anticipation is met with screams as Tinie Tempah makes his way to the stage. His English accent roars thru the mic, he entices the audience to sing the hook on his WhiZ Khalifa joint "On My Level" and woo's us with his rendition of Kanye&Jay-z's "OTIS".... House music chimes in making the crowd leap off the ground and Tinie beckons the crowd with "Yea Muthafucka, Yea Muthafucka yea!" It was hype so live! Big names in the building were that of Usher and video model Lola Monroe, which I was later told is Ethopian. Fellas she is def real and gorgeous in person, TRUST!

look on.....