Beyonce Mania:2011 Glastonbury festival/BET Awards

For the first time in her career Beyonce Knowles took over the Pyramid Stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival in the UK... in a brief interview up above Beyonce sits down with two UK personalities after the awesome show which she also performed via satellite for the BET Awards as well all within one night...

Dark Skin: Queen Raise Ya Head High!

I am called often a "REDBONE" which I shrug off often because it doesn't define who I am as a Woman of color. I am proud to be a African American (Black) Woman. Yet sadly it is true that within the Black community, yes our own are divided on what is deemed to be considered a beautiful skin tone. The other day my baby sister, who is the lightest of us girls stated that she wishes we (her sisters) were lighter because then she wouldnt feel like the lightest one. I was shocked that this is how our baby sister viewed her three eldest sisters. I told simply that she was "BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY SHE WAS". There are many a times she wishes she were darker she would later say in the convo, hence why she always wants a tan come Summer time.(FOLLOW ON BELOW)

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

I came upon this video,which has had online buzz going crazy and I was sadden by the horrific details that these Black women have revealed in this documentary about themselves in this society. The saying goes "The Darker The Berry, The sweeter the Juice" I laugh at that cause that is how I like my men, but our women seem to believe otherwise. As result of being heckled as children, to media dictating what's "pretty" and our own Black men pushing upon them that they are ugly, it resonants a deep detail into how these women have lived their lives being the "Dark Girl". I admire the different shades of my Black women and their features, do they not know they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the Creator's image? Do they not understand they are the hidden rubies/gems of the Nile? Have they not read upon their history as Queens that men across nations adorn? I can relate to the pain these women suffered,I myself questioned my skin color when my father placed me in an all Caucasian fourth grade class. I was the only Black girl there and had no idea what was the deal. I later grew friends but I was still the "Black girl" in the classroom. Media and Slavery have contributed to how African Americans view us. In every culture there is something they dont like about themselves, but that shouldnt be. However it is natural to be insecure, but I encourage you women to be confident. I say my Sisters do not be ashamed of the "Glow" which you wear daily that is your skin! Ladies hold your head high and smile, you are a Queen.

Support Stiletto&Sounds LLC. Movement checkout this website for more details.. Teen Prostitution and Much more on what is affecting our young girls caught up in the streets.. shoutout to Shani ceo/founder of Stiletto&Sounds LLC. and her movement..


Theater of Dance Movement Celebrates 38yrs

This month has been quite busy in the urban community. The Theater of Dance Movement celebrated thirty eight years of service to thousands of girl's and boy's through dance. The dance school which is ran by popular dance teacher Lucille Hill and Mrs. Mitchell brought to the York College Stage for a phenomenal performance. My daughter who is also apart of this school was certified upon this week as result of completion of a full year of dance. The school has been in the Saint Albans community for 38 years and it never has missed a step amongst the many changes of the St. Albans, Queens area. I applaud them...

WORDS: Candace Campbell

African Beau captures Monaco's Prince Albert

When I think of Africa I think of the beautiful shades of brown that grace the women of Africa...and to my surprise more and more women of the Caucasian persuasion keep popping up in the Kingdom of diamonds. Recently, Zimbabean born Charlene Wittstock grace's the headline's as Monaco's soon to be Princess. On July 1, 2011 Charlene is to marry famous bachelor Prince Albert of Monaco. In a candid interview with Vogue Magazine, Charlene speak's of her day's

when Prince Albert courted her, retiring from being the successful South African Olympian swimmer, and hope's once married; to make Monaco one of the many fashion capital's of the world.

words: Candace Campbell


TraetheTruth Album Release Event @SOBs

The crowd was crunk,ready for action! The typical Amateur acts took to the stage in the beginning to tease the thirst the crowd. Awaiting for the true genius to take centerstage, anticipation grew for the night's main act infamous Texas bred rapper TRAETHETRUTH. Traethetruth best known as "Trae", was part of the southren rap group Guerilla Maab and the southern screwed crew "Screwed Up Click". Upon this night's festivities HipHop was blazin and soaking through the wall's of SOBs. Young and old hiphop heads enjoyed one particular act, that of recording artistEsso for he always aims to please a crowd with his deep, rock word intellect in his rhymes. Browneyedqweens peeped plenty of the heavyweights in the building, NewYork always holding its own down. In the green room camera's were flashing, mirrors in the room were decorated with reflection's of the "media gang" surrounding the decorated soldiers of the rap game: The Lox own Jadakiss and Styles P, the legendary and extraordinary godfather of hiphop DJ KOOL Herc,the Bronx own Fred The Godson, Cocaine city vet French Montana and popular Brooklynite's Uncle Murder;and Maino with brother Mousy. It was a frenzy down there indeed! Catching these Kats all in one room was kind of surreal. When they hit the stage it was "OVER" automatically HYPE! French took us in on "Choppa Down" that is my jam!

And of course when these two hook up its definitely a celebration JadaKiss and Styles P, they shut down the stage toward's the upcoming of TraetheTruth's performance.

The stage presence was "live" the dj kept us going and Trae the Truth put on a dope show. This has been awhile for TraetheTruth, the album was set to due out this week, but via his twitter @TRAEABN he stated that it had been pushed back. Salute to Trae giving huge shoutouts the late Triville artist Pimp C and Big Up to DJ Scrilla....Support true southern hiphop go cop that album....

words by Candace Campbell


Are We Fools For Love?

Have you ever been in love? What is Love? Do you love him/her?
These are questions, that I don't know if you Ladies/Gents have asked yourselves, but Yes I have. I came across this video of the classic movie of Summer 2000 "Love&Basketball" when I typed in the vocalist/poet Me'shell Ndegeocello and this footage popped up. I say what better video to represent the in/outs of a relationship but this scene with the character Monica(Sanaa Lathan) trying to recapture the heart of her first love Quincy (Omar Epps), and the infamous line "Double or Nothing"... a tearjerker, AN utter CLASSIC!. This movie became my favorite from the first time I watched it. Funny, when I was younger I definitely based my relationship's off the story line of the fictional character's Monica&Quincy relationship. I honestly have been in love once , twice, have felt like a fool many a times and have questioned what love is. To me Love is God, think bout it when you have been heartbroken you ask God why. I have asked God for guidance on men constantly, in this lifetime there's no way you can't say you couldn't tell how your relationship is/isnt going. To truly feel in love with a man/woman I feel you must be satisfied with self. You can't begin to love someone profoundly&deeply without first loving yourself. No man or woman should substitute as your reason to love yourself. A man/woman shouldn't make you smile, you can do that on your own. When someone special comes into your life they should "add" to the reason's why you smile (stated by Kyanna Dickerson,Business Owner&Stylist). This was just brief summary on the love subject, enjoy the video.

The Renaissance Woman Is "Jill Scott"

I got to see this wonder of a vocalist Jill Scott Live back in April at Dominion Lounge, recently Jill Scott has been refreshed,inspired by motherhood, the new her and feels blessed to tell her story to the world. Jill Scott has been for the past few Sunday's been videoing her work on her newest album. The video series are named "Light of the Sundays" which are exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Jill Scott. Her latest LP, "The Light of the Sun," comes this Tuesday, June 21st 2011. Below the final footage of Jill Scott series....cop that album.

Ladies Doing It Big!: Rihanna,Demetria L. Lucas,Mo&Kita

The princess of Barbados, Rihanna signs a 3 year tourism deal to be the island's executive promotional partner. As you all know, she is born and raised in Barbados so what better person for the job but her (Sister2Sister)

Essence's Relationship editor and A Belle in Brooklyn, Demetria L. Lucas turns up the glitz and glamour on her book tour this past week "Cocktails with Belle In Harlem" @Nectar Wine Bar in New York,and also ATL, and Washington DC... Lucas popped bottles and signed her very popular book "A Belle in Brooklyn (The Go-to Girl for Living your Best Single Life)" She blesses us Ladies with vivd details in her column in Essence's magazine's Relationship section. Go cop that book it's making a big difference in Single Ladies lives. Visit her site

These two ladies I received the pleasure of meeting Monique&Kita of the T.O. Show at the UNCF&HBCU event at Hunter College. Lately, though these two ladies have been busy bee's, the third season of the Terrell Owens show is due this August with twisted turn of events. If you watched last season T.O. was denied his proposal and decided to run to South Beach, Miami. Mo& Kita both come along to help Terrell find better business ventures and perhaps a better love life ...Tune to 3 season premiere on Monday August 22, 2011 10/9ET/PT also follow these ladies on and @Kitapubdiva...

J.Holiday from the Top of the Charts to Bottom

“It’s not all about the fame ’cause one minute they love you, the next minute they don’t really like you anymore. I mean, they did it to Jesus,” says J. Holiday about the fickle music industry… (XXL MAGAZINE)

The summer of 2007 was poppin and the #1 hit on the Billboard charts was "Bed" by J.Holiday. The song "Bed" was originally meant for other various popular vocalist in the industry, but somehow it ended up in J.Holiday's hands. As of lately though noone really knew of the whereabouts of J.Holiday making him become a one hit wonder to many. In the June issue of XXL magazine J.Holiday has a candid sit down and speaks on how he was on top on minute and the next leaving one label(Capitol) to another label(Def Jam). The Washington D.C. crooner gets real with XXL Magazine check it out:

Quick Snap!: BlackerUSA&Seraphin

Reppin the Borough of Queens!!! and Traveling across the globe is the one and only BlackerUSA... Lasttime Browneyedqweens bumped into BlackerUSA was at the infamous Quad Studio and He along with popular alcohol Seraphin whom hosted for a big occasion, Sensational R&B Singer Lance Drummond album listening party back in May...below is a creative pic of Joya of browneyedqweens and BlackerUSA back of their heads...follow BlackerUSA: and Seraphin on facebook.

Recap: Source Magazine& RocaWear event

Browneyedqweens are always running the city whether it be sunshine, rain, wind or perhaps even snow lol but anyhoot upon this week that just past we encounter Barcardi rocking at The Source Magazine Chris Brown cover event, DJ Zeke and Dj Magic of Hot 97 rocked the turntables. The Source party was also hosted by Akoo Clothing(Free TI)Bigups to editor&Chief Bonsu Thompson of the Source rocking purple whom I told "Purple is a color of Royalty" and then also we tiptoed into Rocawear office's event with DJ D-Nice on the turntable's and SlaugtherHouse's artist Joell Ortiz roaming the hallway's. I gotta laugh at Joell Ortiz buddies cause I (CC) was so sincere&simple in my greetings toward Ortiz but his friend was like "that's it!? a handshake!?" lol I stated "yes" For not only was I a bit tipsy from Source's previous event, but I also was rushing looking for my partner in crime, my ace Joya the other qween of Browneyedqweens. So, his friend pursued me to take a pic w/Joell and then when I finally spotted my sis I pulled her to Joell Ortiz to get snapped as well. He was a humble dude and real cool bout everything. We stated to Ortiz amongst the the crowd and music blazing through out the office,that we too have a brother name Joel who blasts Joell Ortiz's music mad loud! Joell Ortiz sent his regards. To wrap it up here's some pics of our night! Shoutout to one of our mentor's Terrell Blair of HoodlifeMovement and to Ms. Jas Fly whom I should have known it was her, but I remained silent on speaking because I was uncertain of how she looked in person.. WE shall meet again... I enjoy her written work ( for my mentor "Rikers" of Rucker Apparel LLC. and former VP of Marketing for Stall&Dean speaks highly of her as well.

words by Candace Campbell

Then&now RYERYE teams w/Designer Parbal Gurung

The flyy gal RYERYE from the gangsta hood of infamous B-more came out as big youtube star with popular DJ Blaqstarr on the club hit "Shake it to the Ground" The song came bout after RYERYE had said "shake it to the ground..." in a gangsta track she had laid down in the studio in her home town of B-more. Lately this young sexy thang RYERYE is bigger and badder than ever before. She's been traveling the world and has performed at various venue's like NY Hardfest and countless others alonside big name artist like singer Robyn worlwide. RyeRye is in the same category of her fellow artist friend's such as M.I.A(Paper Planes) and Santogold(infamous for Brooklyn Go Hard w/Jay-Z). Perhaps though with what she has been creating lately she's molding her own lane. Recently RyeRye has been making her presence known more than ever, in the music industry in new project with designer Parbal Gurung for CFDA winner's first-ever resort collection. In her new club smash hit "New Thing" she sample's MIA's Sunshower's song for the track and rocks clothing from the designer Parbal Gurung. Check it out below:

Power Moves w/Beyonce in "W" magazine

As we all have seen sixteen grammy award winner Beyonce Knowles has covered many magazines within the past month alone, shot one of many to come video's from her upcoming "4" album (Run the World*Girls*) and is currently in Europe preparing for plenty show's such as the Glastonbury Festival one of the biggest events in the UK. Just recently Beyonce has been invited to join the most prestigious in the Entertainment industry "The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences" Beyonce continues to go above and beyond in her career...Shoot even Clint Eastwood is soon to star her in his film adaptation "A Star Is Born" Oh how anxious I am to see that!
In the upcoming July issue of "W" magazine Beyonce speaks of fashion and the several looks that have shaped her career

“I definitely have the image for the video in my mind. I kind of hear the choreography that will be in the video, and I can see how I’ll look, even before anyone—the record company, the director—has heard the song.”

(Read More

"My Hips Invite You..." Nina Simone

I had a complex bout the skin I was born in back in the fourth grade, when my father placed me in a new school across town. It was an elementary school in Bellerose,Queens far from my Hollis,Queens neighbrhood at the time. I was placed in a classroom full of Caucasian student's and me being the only African American young girl with beads in my hair, in the class and the only the fourth Black student in the whole school. I looked at them and wanted to be them (Caucasian)...I looked at them and always desired the long hair, yet they were more fascinated with mines. I didnt understand it, I said to myself "did they not know how beautiful they are" When I should have stated to myself, "Candace you are beautiful from head to toe" I looked at their eyes and I had longed for them like the girl, Pecola in Toni Morrison's book "The Bluest Eye":“It had occurred to Pecola some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes that held the pictures, and knew the sights—if those eyes of hers were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different.” (38)

I say all of this to say I didn't come to fully appreciate my Blackness till my senior year in high school. I wore my hair in natural twist and loved my caramel/brown skin tone. This song by the "Iconic" Nina Simone makes me feel proud to be a Black "Sistah" whenever I hear it. I embraced my African/Caribbean heritage and who I was born to be with pride. The first verse in the song captivate's my ear,Nina Simone speaks in depth as she expresses who these four women are ...
"My skin is black
My arms are long
My hair is wooly
My back is strong
Strong enough to take the pain
Its been inflicted again and again"

In this song Nina Simone tells a story of four different women of four different shades and what each woman represents in this story line. Each women's tale is a representation of "US" women in the Black Community. The shade of color of our skin seem's to be a constant controversal matter amongst us Sistahs. The color of your skin shouldn't matter however because of media and the ideal's of our Black Men, who often put us in categories without noticing that they do; we as women categorize ourselves to what is the "norm" or "type" to be accepted as. I say my Sistah raise your head up high, place your hand on your beautiful round hips, speak from those God given succulent lips and scream "My Black is Beautiful" An ode to Nina Simone, she is legendary, inspiring, endearing and I'm forever grateful she sang her message of empowerment to million's before her death in April 2003.

words by Candace Campbell


Cormega& Fellow Rap Artists Support Haiti Relief Movement


The Sony/Red Office was swarming with press upon lastnight,for HipHop's infamous and legendary rap artist Cormega. Fitted cap, blue jeans, and a plaid shirt Cormega could pass for a young teen hiphop head; however he is not he's been in this thang called hiphop for year's! He's performed with the best acts like Nas and was one of the original members of the popular rap group "The Firm".Cormega was raised in Queensbridge area of Queens. Cormega also known as "MC Cor" has recently pieced together a project called "I MADE A DIFFERENCE". After seeing the effort's of Oscar winning actor Sean Penn's help in the aftermath of Haiti's earthquake disaster, Cormega was propelled to get into action himself in the help relief effort. Cormega and fellow jazz artist Maya spoke at the press conference on the devastation of Haiti, money raised by various companies but yet Haiti had not shown the result of the money raised. Lil FaME of Brooklyn rap group "MOP" explained his desire to jump on board of the project just to know he's giving back as an artist. Cormega had reached out to many other artist he decided to not name who denied being on such a great project based off who and what the project was based for. One of the industry's most popular director/producer "ChokeNoJoke" who has a movie out called "CODE BLUE",producer of Lisa Raye (The Real McCoy), most popular for documenting Rocafella Records(Last days of the ROC) and close friend of Cormega, expressed his discontent of artists who didnt join the project and is in full support of the help relief of Haiti. General Steele infanously known of Bootcamp clique and Smif-N-Wessun was present on the panel as well, he pressed the media to push this project out and purchase the song. All proceeds from the event go toward the relief effot in Haiti. Steele also spoke on the change in hiphop and the whole gimmick of how things are reared in the area of the hiphop industry. He stated how priviledge he felt to giving back to the world by doing this project with Cormega and the other artist featured on the song. This press conference was inspiring and educational in everyway. The artist on Cormega's projject are of a different clothe, they Showed the reality of how strong their music will affect people, their fans. Each artist on the panel presented themselves humble. The sincerity was in their whole posture. If you want to help please go to, Cornmega's website and purchase the song. You will make a difference. All proceeds go to Haiti relief effort. Cormega stressed at the conference that no artist on the song was paid to participate, everyone did it from the heart. Big Shout out was given to DJ WhooKid who has played the track on his radio show and is Haitian himself.

words by Candace Campbell


Manny Sings For Pretty Ladies in NYC

This a quick snippet of the cute boyish face MANNY DELVALLE! This young man has vocals and definitely is on the rise.... Bigups! to this young singer on his grind

Manny Delvalle Drop

He's the newest singing sensation Manny Delvalle coming up in connection with HEAVY GREEN MANAGEMENT and KingPinPromotions (Tommy Gunz)... We got to meet up with the cutie pie singer outside club Rebel in the City.... peep it! ShoutOut to Tommy Gunz for exclusive footage!

Better Safe Than SORRY! Marsha Ambrosius - Late Nights & Early Mornings

New video to the song Late Nights&Early the London Diva Marsha Ambrosius The song speaks and gives visuals on the issue's toward safe sex and the consequence's of having sex unprotected.The track is produced by Rich Harrison and visual's by J.Erving... AID/HIV is real ya'll WRAP IT UP! Ladies/Gents!

Beautiful&Elegant New Ledisi - Pieces Of Me

BrowneyedQweens had the pleasure of meeting this awesome grammy nominated psalmist Ledisi at the UNCF&HBCU event at Hunter College in NYC. The video is from her recent popular track "Pieces Of Me" off her 5th studio album but this actually makes her 7th album in a lifetime, for she was independent before being signed. Ledisi has a message of love,life and being yourself in each song that I've come upon. I heart her music and her as a phenomenal artist in this day and age.


Blessed to Be Alive...Gabrielle Giffords

It's been five month's since January 8, 2011 when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was brutally shot in the head along with six being killed and thirteen injured including her. Giffords has been going through rehabilitation at a facility since the horrible shooting. Since then she has been showing strong signs of her full recovery. The photo above was posted on her facebook page Sunday, the New York Times reported. Giffords has been round her family and was heading to see her astronaut husband Mark Kelly launch into space this past week. Our contiuned prayers are with the family and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

words by Candace Campbell

Good Ole Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard

I was listening to this track because I'm an ole soul at heart. So it surprised me to realize that this song was sampled by none other than by Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin...for what song I can't remember (lol) cause its been awhile but take a listen and jam on!

Fashionista Spotlight: 1st Lady Michelle Obama

(picture courtesy of Getty)

Recently, Our beautiful first lady Michelle Obama was seen in the latest summer wear on her way to Camp David with our President Mr. Obama. The elegant darling Mrs. Obama was seen wearing a piece the "Impressionist Print Draped Dress" (worn as tunic, white pants,sandal, w/bag) from the GAP. She is always effortless in her style and lately very frugal too (laughs). First Lady Obama has been gracing us alot lately with styles from our favor retail lines like: H&M (Summer dress)and Target(Merona Frock) Ladies... let's shop smart&effortless...

Is It True or False?>>>Beyonce- Run the World (LIES)

"Who run the world!?... Girls!" I came upon this video recently of this young lady shouting Bey out. She is stating Beyonce is a liar and I am feeling some kind of way about it. The female (Nineteen Percent) in this video has made many valid point's in reference to Beyonce's recent girl power song "Run the World (Girls)", however I just dont agree with it all. You see I believe in the "Pussy Is Power" theory, its all in what you allow kind of scenario. This young lady is basically voicing to me, the negative side to the reality of Women's rights in this society and abroad. It is Women whom have the right to choose what they can&can't happen to them. Yes we as women must fight for alot in this country(USA) and aboard, but it doesn't mean that we are powerless! When I see women in all field's of work that were/are male dominanted that is empowering to me,it let's me know women can make differences. When I see mother's run whole households and corporations thats powerful to me. In ancient history, wars like in the movie "Troy" show us as women how powerful the pussy is and the extend of how far men will go to prove their right to a woman. I laugh to myself often because of the word "BITCH"... women take power over that word often so I look candidly at females when they are offended, when being called one by a male or female. Its contradicting dont you think? Beyonce felt encouraged by her experiences oversea's while traveling during her tour's,by watching her mother's work ethic, by seeing how much women are changing the politics&value's across the board. This song may seem cheesy or just put together last minute, but it speaks volume's to the uplifting of women is how I feel; especially as a single mother handling everything on my own. I salute women who take no Bullish! No easy ways out ...I salute Women who stand for whats right and stand their ground.... Ladies am I right or wrong? you decide...


"Hawthorne" (TNT) Premiere Event@ AN`JELS

I love seeing beautiful Black Women congregate together, so it was awesome to see "sistahs" in Hawthorne/TNT white tees, at the door to guide me into this wonderful occasion. The occasion was in support of the upcoming season premiere of Jada Pinkett-Smith's "Hawthorne" (TNT). I entered into the place which was hosting the premiere,Anjels Salon which is nestled in the middle of LITTLE BRAZIL street on W46 in the city. Sweet aroma's grazed my nostril's as you enter An`jels salon which is located on the second floor of the building where the event takes place. You come into a Black Woman's sanctuary, Salon's for Black Women especially, are our get away from the everyday woe's of today's world. I said to myself what better place to host the third season premiere of Hawthorne, but amongst food,wine, and receiving a wash&set. As, you cross Anjels threshold you come into a waiting area with cushion seating with a grand wall of Mizani hair products displayed on the wall. You turn and you walk into the a room full of happy people conversating, eating fruit kabobs, drinking wine,hair dryers blowing, curling irons smoking,hairspray fragancing the room and Jada Pinkett-Smith's face appearing before you on a Wide Flatscreen tv. I had my son in tow with me for this particular event so of course a baby in a room full of women generated much attention (laughs). I made my way round much of the grand salon and peeped scene's of the show "Hawthorne" due to premiere on TNT June 14th at 9/10pm. The new season of Hawthorne is full of action,love, and scandal. The cast of the new season are: Vanessa Bell Calloway, Derek Luke, Michael Vartan, Marc Anthony,and of course the star Jada Pinkett-Smith. The event was hosted by phenomenal&legendary Steph Lova former or Hot97&Power 105.1 NYC radio, whom now runs her own show via online& tv ( is so cool and blessed my son Kai with a kiss. All guest who attended the event were given cute gift bags filled with goodies and Hawthorne white tee's. Browneyedqweens definitely was in the building holding it down! I always love event's that support other women in the industry especially women of color. Make sure you all tune into the third season of Hawthorne on TNT this Tuesday evening. Follow StephLova, Anjels salon and Hawthorne on twitter:, and


words by Candace Campbell


The Source Anniversary Gala@ Guild Hall

Fashion and Music joined up together for a wonderful night of celebration. The Source NYC celebrated "The ReBirth" upon lastnight with much celebrity party goers. Crowded and absolutely hot! People of all sort's of press/media outlet's arrived in style and ready to get their groove on for the Rebirth.... People who celebrated with them in style were: Keenyah Hill (model/actress), Olivia (r&b singer), and the lovely ladies of the Bad Girl club.... The music was pumpin and the crowd was goin in!