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Rihanna - S&M

We just love this video sooo feelin it ROCK OUT!

Philly Babeeeeeeiiii! Gettin it in....

TGIF! ..... though very tired and not full of life lol I along with two other lovely ladies headed toward the city of brotherly love...yup that's right! P H I L L Y!  MY gosh! I loved it!..... We stayed in Downtown Philly at  the Marriott Resort, our ride was smooth there thanks to Premier Luxury Car Service (Shout out to Mark da Boss). We drove past exquisite landmarks and colleges like Drexel University, Temple University and Immaculate University. My face lights up at historical sights which Philadelphia definitely had. We dined in the Marriott's restaurant, we enjoyed the comedy of famed comedian "De vine" whose toured with artist Lady Gaga and also cameoed in famed show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We were laughin so hard we really enjoyed him. The real exciting moment of the night was being chauffeured in a White Rolls Royce Phantom ( yall know I had to snap pictures) the carpet in that bad boi is flawless absolutely wonderful for ya feet! LOL... We cruised our way in front of Club Vault to see the long line of folks anticipating gettin in. Well lemme tell yall Browneyedqweens dont do lines I'll be the first to tell you. We pulled up into our parking spots and strolled our ways into VIP....Thats that fly shit ya herrddd! The bottles of MOET were flowing and the music was bumpin. Club Vault was quite Lavish and of course we had Jermaine Dupri on the ones&twos gettin it in though i will say he was kinda corny there were no reggae tunes played nor any "real" dance tunes was either Rick Ross or anything southern basically. Regardless I shook my tail and got it in *wink* To end this beautiful trip we experienced an Indian traditional wedding,and beautiful murals on many landscape in Philly. Had the Pleasure of meeting former boxer&designer of "Punchline" Simon Carr yall check for him he's makin moves yall! check out for video footage ..and last but not least you cant leave Philly without tryin the infamous "Phillycheese Steak" sandwich I just have to say YUMMY!


more to seeee.....BrowneyedqWEENS ON DA SCENE....

 Dj Prostyles (Terrence J Party)

   Sean Cameron from Beverly Hill FAB

Terrence J of BET 106&Park turns 29....Can U say Down HILL! LOL


Loud Music blazes from the outside as we pull up in Limo style to Club Covet for Terrence J birthday Party!!! We sashay  inside to flashes everywhere as photographers took numerous photos of the celebs as they strolled in the door. As, we make our way to the plush downstairs dance floor area in Covet...hugs and kisses surround everyone....seems NYC IS ACTUALLY small town like lol. Anyhoot the DJ blast ole skool tunes until the real entertainment awaiting us was to arrive. I walked dat floor ready to wine my lil booty and shake it like a tail feather lol..... Drinks wine and dined us lol def was tipsy....once 1am struck the honoree of the night came threw w/fireworks and I seriously mean dat yall lol....Naked Painted ladies guided Terrence J across the crowded dance floor to his VIP section filled with his celeb friends: Tracie Ellis Ross, Pooch Hall, Wale, J.Cole, The Breakfast Club(CTHAGOD,ANGELA YEE, DJ ENVY), Mashanda, Olivia, and of course DJ's ProStyle, SussOne, and KillaTouch..sooo much more I cant go on however checkout  for more celeb looks.....  


Soulful Delights>>>> Jill Scott Listenin Event w/Special Guest


"Ladies Ya'll ever been Dickmatized?...." Jill Scott
 My My MY! A Sista like Jill Scott just don't come by often...when you see her you must catch her and beg her to indulge your inner soul. Upon last evening we were blessed to have access to the nites best kept secret..."Jill Scott Listenin Event" at Dominion (428 Layfette) not too far from the Village in Manhattan. The line was long and the weather was cool..but Browneyedqweens get VIP treatment occasionally *wink* Anyhoot as you u entered into the establishment Jill Scott's music serenades the atmosphere and so does art work of her beautiful self. Drinks are swerving round and people are making their way around the room. The event brought out the Starring Personalities with people like: Keenyah Hill(America's Next Top Model), Liris Crosse(The Best Man), Bevy Smith, Ms. Drama(Drama Queen radio BTR), Lance Drummonds(R&B artist), and plenty more i cant get all their names in! lol...Once tipsy and full of bliss Browneyedqweens worked the room thru all the excitement and anticipation for JILL SCOTT! Candles lite in every corner and sweet delicatessen served on fancy platters circulated the room right before the performance. Lights begin to Dim, and folks begin makin their way closer to the stage. I must say it felt crowded more so toward the stage than farther away but hey we were closer and on point. As musicians finish setup and gently play Jill's tunes when rite before you could blink...There she was Ms. Jill Scott on da mic! She lookin Bangin! in all black laced "Laundry" dress and spiked 4" heels. I literally screamed and the rest of the audience lol...She blessed up with ole and new tunes preached to us indulged our horny minds and too us down memory lane..then snuck us into her private realm revealin that she is a mother nowadays..we was like uhmm where were we when this news was made? She got it in but her biggest treat was having Anthony Hamilton bless the stage rite along with her musical heart skipped a beat! Folks this was show full of wonder and non stop Flavor of Love. 


Does America Care? 1st Lady Obama and Lady Bidden team up to Support the Troops


Lately the United States has been going through WAR alot lately, based on statistics 1% of the US is in the war fighting .... Upon today first Lady Obama and Dr. Biden (wife of VP Joe Biden) appeared upon the View today to push the initiative to build better support for military families. Lady Michelle Obama stated that her and Jill Biden "had the best positions in the White House" For they able to choose their topics and voice their opinions on what they feel needs a voice. They have teamed up together to educate America on the tremendous sacrifice that military families go through for this country. At least 1% of the United States population serves in the military. Alot of Americans are unaware of this and many other situations military spouses go through while their mate is away at WAR. On the View today Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden(wife of VP Biden) spoke on what they encounter as they traveled the country and across seas amongst military personnel and families. In reflection of today's show the View had only Military families and spouses plus personnel as the main audience. Lets get it together America...yes they don't have to..but they do it everyday ...bravely serve for us and this Country USA....SUPPORT AND CHECK OUT  you can make a big difference in someones life.



First Lady Gaga, then Nicki Minaj now Lil B the whole "Support ya Gay thang Expands" Is this a game or reality?

The Curious Case of Nicki Minaj                          

Theres been alot of controversy involving the gay community, yet when hasn't there not been. Since the beginning of time there has been this ill moral of liking the same sex. I myself (Candace) asked "Did God Make a Mistake?" on twitter...a simple question toward the "gay choice that ppl choose". I was hounded, ridiculed and gawked at for asking that. Its funny though how touchy this subject is to this day. Lady Gaga has made a song called "Born This Way" and Lil B desires to name his debut album "I'm Gay"....funny though has the Gay community not realize that they are pawns in this industry game. I remember an interview with Nicki Minaj on her own sexuality being questioned in OUT magazine:  “People who like me -- they’ll listen to my music, and they’ll know who I am. I just don’t like that people want you to say what you are, who you are. I just am. I do what the fuck I want to do.” (Nicki Minaj) Artist come into the game and either do things on the DL, remain true to their heterosexuality or embrace homosexuality just for the build up of fan base. The Gay community has money, has communication, has backup plans, and most of all have people in high places looking out for them b/c they are gay...But all I'm saying is don't go round jumping down people throats bout u born this way or u feel this way and then say it wasn't a choice sounds a bit redundant ...hence sexual preference is a choice not something you are born into. You have been influenced somehow someway...everyone has a right, and everyone has a path they must follow...

BrowneyedQweens catch up with "Fresh: The Definition" Noel Gourdin


" The River was so much BIGGER than I was..." Noel Gourdin
Following the release album event, BrowneyedQweens caughtup with the talented Noel Gourdin via phone call. We were introduced to Noel back in "08" with the critical acclaim album "the River"...since then Mr. Gourdin has gone thru hell and back. They always say what dont kill you make you stronger, well Noel has definitely came out strong and got Bangers for sure. I chatted breifly with Noel to hear his thoughts on all that taken place since his previous album , leaving Sony and his major comeback:

How do you feel bout the success of "Fresh: the Definition" ?

Noel: I feel great! You know the album in the catergory of Soul Album is #6 on iTunes...climbing the charts, the response is great! I feel like this is Redemption. At Sony I was told to dance when i didnt desire to dance, the River was so much bigger than i was. I went thru brief depression, just going through a tough patch in my life and . Now with this album I was definitely more hands on. I had live recordings with live band in all recording sessions. The experience in doing this was great also shoutout to manager Marvin Mack. My new labels also were great help MassAppeal & E1...

What or who guided you through your rough patch?

Noel: Family definitely... Im a very family oriented person..without them I wouldnt have made it through... I owe alot to those who stood behind me and held me down.

What are your goals for the remainder of this year,and will we be seeing you on tour?

Noel: Yes excited for the album the great response, want to continue this positive movement. Im an ole skool guy (Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke) I feel like this generation on the verge of being whacked out. The music that is played now a days is so negative, sad that true soul music isnt played like it was back in the 90's. Kids constantly listening to degrading lyrics, I want to bring the soul back and keep the positivity flowing. Im not hating on anyone but my movement is "Positivity" in music. Yes definitely getting ready for touring. In talks to tour with Legends Eric Benet and KEM . Looking forward to big things .

please text NOE to 79922 to vote for Noel Gourdin's "Beautiful" video on 106&Park show


Noel Gourdin's Big Come Back! (Album Release Party)

 BrowneyedQweens attended the album release event of Noel Gourdin's "Fresh: The Definition"


The city of  Boston was live upon Tuesday April 12, 2011.....for it was a night for the stars to Boston of course lol.....Raining and a bit chilly that didnt stop the feastivities. Boston's own  Club Felt was the host place of the event. As you entered into the upper deck plush leather couches, neon light brighting, clinging of glasses and Noel Gourdin's "Beautiful" graced the room. I made my way over to the bar(margaritas are my fave) i sipped on my drank lol I admired the crowd as it grew bigger and bigger. While working the room i bumped into many of my Boston peeps such as Troy Durden aka @theElectrickKidd, Joelle James (CBE), BostonFab, Melissa(Jammin 94.5), Justin Springer(thinkingforwardmedia) and last but not least the honoree of the night Noel Gourdin. The audience was blessed with music from JoyforthePeople and AmandiMusic. A lovely table was decked out with tastey treats and the DJ kept the momentum up in between performances. My only tidbit is it was an industry event but the main attraction "NOEL" didnt perform till 11pm and I a New York had to hit the with that said ...Check Out for "BostonFab"on more details on the show.
Noel Gourdin 4

Nicki Minaj tore it Down@ Best Buy Theater (Joya reports)

Nicki Minaj Casio    

The Legendary Roots and Nicki Minaj … ingredients for a smashing concert!
The Roots had the Best Buy Theater going crazy! The soul and swag of their music is so energizing you just have to get up and dance along to the beat.  Their performance was so DOPE! I’ve always liked the Roots music. There’s nothing like hearing your favorite song, sang live and it still sound as good as when you first heard it on the radio, or in the music video. There were so many pink wigs in the crowd, Roots band member Black Thought said “Yall all wearing pink wigs, are you guys all together?” when the crowd responded with a loud no lol, he then said “that’s wassup, yall definitely showing support.” The Legendary Roots set the bar for the concert at great and Nicki Minaj did not disappoint her hundreds of ladybugs in the crowd.
Nicki Minaj took to the stage and screams echoed throughout theater. Her first song performed was “Romans Revenge” her impression of Roman (British voice) always makes me laugh, Nicki does it so well! Nicki performed a lot of her songs off her debut album Pink Friday, as well as songs she was featured on such as;  Kanye’s “Monster”  Trey’s “Bottons Up” and Drake’s ”Up All Night”. Nicki ended her performance by telling her ladybugs “Never give up” and that “If I can do it, yes me, a little black girl from Jamaica, Queens anybody can do it!” Nicki is said to be going on tour with Brittany Spears  (opening for her) when she’s done touring with Young Money’s Capo "Weezy" of course.

Sheeee Backkkkk!(Madea's Big HAPPY Family) Tyler Perry unites us Again

  We all have grown accustomed to seeing the 6'0 grandma named "Madea" who totes guns and curses up a storm, keeps her family together and above us keeps us filled with laughter. Once again Tyler Perry graces us with another anticipated film on Black families and our issues. Ty;er takes what we know best of our selves and throws it back in our face with much sarcasms and loving jokes to keep us tickle from start to end. "Madea's Big Happy Family" has an all star cast: Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Shad "Bow Wow" Moss, David Mann, Cassi Davis, Tamela Brown Mann, Lauren London, Isaiah Mustafa, Rodney Perry, Shannon Kane, Teyana Taylor, Natalie Desselle Reid ...April 22 this Friday....we'll tune you in on more once we see the movie ourselves....Support ya local theater and fellow Black Directors....


Reality Show Premieres: Khloe&Lamar vs. LaurieAnn Gibson's "Dance Scene"

Khloe&Lamar 9pm/8est                             The Dance Scene 10pm/9est

E! (Entertainment television) had Sunday's hottest Reality Preimere's first to top off the season was Khloe&Lamar. The show centers round their marriage, family ties, and their careers. Highlight's of the Khloe&Lamar show was the surprised visit of Lamar's estranged dad "Joe" and the sadness of Lamar not gettin into the Allstar game. The greatest moment though is that of Lamar showing up for Allstar weekend for his brother-in-law Rob Kardashian. Following up on E! was @BoomKack aka LaurieAnn Gibson's show "The Dance Scene" . LaurieAnn Gibson has worked with celebs like P-diddy, Missy Elliot, Keri Hilson, Dixie Chicks and most recently Lady Gaga; whom she is creative director for Gaga's Madison Sqaure Garden Concert debutin in May. LaurieAnn takes us behind the scenes of what her day is like ,of what she expects from her dancers and who she is as a Choregrapher in the industry. The most memorable scenes are: Laurieann sends her assistant Kherington whom is Caucasian to the hood(Inglewood) in California for it was scary and hilarious at the same time. One other scene that was more in depth and personal was when she introduces us to her secret lover. It was intense only because LaurieAnn kept her manager/lover Joseph away from everyone till now...Can you say turn the heat all the way HIGH! LOL ...TUNE IN ON Sunday evenings on E!





"HELLO FEAR"                                     KIRK FRANKLIN
"SOMETHING BIG"                             MARYMARY
"HOW I GOT OVER"                            SMOKIE NORFUL


"I REMEBER ME"                                    JENNIFER HUDSON
"F.A.M.E."                                                   CHRIS BROWN
"KING OF HEARTS"                                  LlOYD




"21"                                                                                    ADELE
"WASTING LIGHTS"                                                      FOO FIGHTERS
"SO BEAUTIFUL OR SO WHAT"                                  PAUL SIMON

Whats Poppin for the Month of Music March/April>>>

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Late Nights, Early MorningsF.A.M.E. (Deluxe Edition)I Remember Me     


Government Shutdown Subdued: Republicans vs. Democrats

Well as all was feared and instigated....the United States Government did not..I repeat did not shut down! All praises to the Lord! lol God bless America! this is just another test President Obama had to endure to proven his willingness to endure the dangers of politics. Republicans currently are in majority in the House, however they don't have the last say so! I believe people in office forget who put them there in the 1st place. Constantly you hear bout what the US Congress deems as unethical or unconstitutional yet they continue to do as they please in this Nation. People have rights they have ideas and they have families depending on them too! Has the House not come to their senses on that as well??? Welfare, the US Military, the War, the Border Control, Police, all Federal business or affairs would have been affected tremendously. It saddens me as a citizens that our politicians don't hold in regard their fellow constituents rights. Shame! We will have more to say on this to be continued>>>>


Many of us women go thru the regular "games" with men. The sweepin us off our feet, expensive dinner dates, long phones calls, the courting, the sideway glances....I could go on and on but ladies yall know what I mean! lol* We all have the yearnin to want that "thang" inside of us but wait "is he worth it?" *tap chins* We ask ourselves that too. Just cause he took me out....doesnt mean I have to jump in the bed with him just yet... "what has he done for you late-ly? Did he buy you a car or paid your bills etc, I mean those are big thangs for him to do but your "golden treasure" in between your legs isnt a play thang, its delicate, its precious, its lusted after, its created babies, its created wars its just absolutely powerful! As the saying goes "Pussy is power!" Women should be confident in their selves. When you walk into a room men should turn their heads and fiend...why?... cause its the desire and the chase they love when you grace a room ladies. God granted us Nubian sisters with curves dat other cultures envy. As Joya, my sister stated via twitter @all4joya "death to mean skinny bitches. If they ate more they would be happy" I love my sister and she soo right. *Snaps fingers* Honey chile if he aint worth it then dont bless him just yet make a brutha work for whats rightfully own by you. *Snaps fingers*