Recap of the week: WRECKFUL SHOWCASE

The other night I attended a showcase @ Times Square Comedy Club hosted by SHAMPOO. (I'm like who is Shampoo?) Trust me it was one of the worst shows I've been to in my life. The best part of last nights show was Comedian Bobby Johnson. He had me rolling. He joked of lesbians too much but still he was funny. (Oh yeah and wtf? 18$ for a drink) I didn't pay for any of mine last night but still that's a grip. Shampoo, first time ever seeing this dude. For starters he was drunk and just so vulgar, not funny at all. Every other word outta his mouth was bitch this, mothafucka that, stank p*ssy this my d*ck that ... Like Really? A female rapper got on stage reppin bk reminded me of a young Foxy. She sounded nice I thought she could have had on more clothes but hey she's a performer right? Anyway she finishes her performance the crowd goes crazy (her supporters) then Shampoo takes the stage and says "yeah clap for that bitch" *Blank stare* was that really needed? I would rather be talking about the artist music but none of the acts last night hardly compare to the drunk bald guy hosting. He was on a roll last night, dancing on stage during artist performance, making faces on stage behind them and just straight wilding out. Shampoo I believe cut one groups performance short and they weren't having that (the stage got crowded) and I believe the target was Shampoo. What's even worse is I leave the spot because honestly I can't take anymore of the show. Outside I grab a bite to eat and bump into some very upset rappers. "Shampoo took our money and pushed the show back three times." OH MY! "This showcase was supposed to be three months ago and you do niggas like this" ... I couldn't believe my ears. Last night was strictly jokes. I was asked not to blog about it, but come on really. The man had on a shirt that said "Broke People make me sick, throw up" I think he said 40$ a shirt and if you don't have it you can get a shirt for some head, lol wtf was he thinking last night?

words by Joya C.


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