UMAs : disgrace or not?

You would think after nine years of presenting awards People would have their “ish” together, well guess what think again. Yesterday Browneyedqweens arrived to the ninth annual Underground Music Awards where we not only were on time but awaited for four hours for the show to start. According to various media person(s) we encountered, the time that was assigned varied. Some were told 2pm and others were told 4:30pm. We Joya and I arrived at 4:30pm, waited on line for 15-20 minutes, given our press passes and then was searched. Following the search, we were led downstairs where we waited another four hours till Showtime.
I tell you Black folks are a trip. Prior to this event I had gone to the fifth annual Latin Mixx Awards (type in ”latinmixx” in search area to see write up) not only were they organized the only issue they ever encountered through the whole show was a technical difficulty w/audio. I applaud the Latinos and their effort to “be better than”. I felt like I was at a semi Grammy award show. I am anticipating the next Latin Mixx awards show trust. Now far as the Underground Music Awards, not only is the organization rumored to be fraudulent (often artist pay their way for winnings and many boycotted the show this year) but they are absolutely UNORGANIZED! The UMAs are run by Colored Folk, who as always can’t seem to prove otherwise (CP TIME) bout handling business and time accordingly. Time is Money and my time is precious. We didn’t stay to see the winners, however it was a pleasure to see Chanel Rae (Red Carpet Hero), D. Chambers (rapper), Budathefuture (producer), Lexx9Eleven (rapper),FredtheGodson (artist), and CristionDior (latino rapper)…. Salute to all the Winners….