To go DOWN or Not To go Down?

It is 2011 and would you believe that there are men who actually don't give oral to their partners? I have come encountered with men varying between ages 30-45 that stated they will not give oral because it is "not natural" or not "their thang"...
To top that kind of view, they then had the audacity to say that a female giving them oral was "the norm" lol. In my head I just looked at them and sAW why they are single. They truly believe that the dick is all they need to please a woman. SMH... fellas you are sadly mistaken. Interesting enough that they all are not in relationships and are workaholics. Oh I should the say the age plays a part too.
One thing that will keep a woman happy is knowing her man can please her head to toe. Men nowadays want that "quick sex" and no foreplay. You say slow down and they look at you crazy, lol they rather be a race horse and cum in seconds. There is more to say on this ordeal however I'm ending on this note "Men Step Ya Game Up, better yet ya Dick game way UP!"

Ladies don't settle cause you'll always be unsatisfied.....


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