MovieRecap: The Help

Due to the weather I was coped up in the house for the remainder of the weekend. I am a person who gets often restless being in the house, especially with two kids and no male company. So I plotted down on my couch and pressed play to the most controversial films as of lately "The Help". Yep it was a bootleg, oh and don't front like ya'll haven't entertained the likes of a good bootleg movie. This movie "THE HELP" is plotted round two maids African American who have suffered racism, been scorned and mistreated. As result of all that has taken place they tell their heart-wrenched tales of abuse and racism to a young Caucasian gal whose trying to get her foot in the door of journalism. I enjoyed the movie, I even cried in those dramatic scenes. It ranged with comedy and drama. It is sad that many of the present generation don't understand the sacrifices past generations have made for the Black Community. The message in the film was quite loud. Many Black woman raised Caucasian babies who then had the audacity to turn on the very person that was assigned to raise them. It is a reality check when seeing a race in depth film, young black kids just don't know how good they have it. Welp everyone when you get a chance check out THE HELP....