Live w/rapper Maino's new artist "Jung Ace"

A few nights ago I got a chance to sit down and chop it up with Maino's new artist Jung ACE and I was so intrigued by what he had to say. The drinks were strong and the buffalo wings were the truth, (they were too good) s/o to @followKaytee!

I was sitting by the bar talking to a promoter I'm guessing, and the mystery of the night comes to an end when Ace walks up to us and introduces himself. He throws on his glasses and shakes my hand sternly and is like "What's up I'm Jung Ace" Funny, its like his boy was behind him like yeah he is who he says he is; nodding his head really hard behind him. I grab another drink and away we go into the dark.

On the other side of the door we sit down and finally I got to pick the young rappers mind and know his thoughts. We spoke about a few things.

Q. What are your feelings right now about the state of Hip Hop from an up and coming artist point of view?

As far as Ross is concerned, Jung Ace strongly believes that Rick Ross can body HoV! Ace also said "These days your mix tape has to be album good" I like Big Sean he's a cool lil dude. Consequence crossed our path in discussion, (guess he just didn't make GOOD- enough music) lol. But I honestly think Kanye jacked some of his swagg. Somewhere along the lines Nicki popped up and we both agreed give respect to where respect is due, but overall Nicki Minaj is doing her thing hands down.

Q. Top 5 Rappers

A. Maino, a hundred grand that's my motha' fucking man right there! Imma Bk nigga all day. I fuck with Ross, Wiz, and J-cole he reminds me of what was in the 90s. Finally he said Jay-Z and I'm like even after you said Ross could take him and he was like yeah Hov.

Q. If rapping doesn't work out for you (which I'm sure it will) what will be Jung Ace's next venture?

A. "If rapping doesn't work out, Imma start a rock band and Imma give it 100 % because I am ACE and this is what I do! Like I'm more then grateful"

Make sure you guys and dolls DOWNLOAD DA REALIST SHIT I EVA WROTE and check him out at www.jungace.com to get in contact with Jung ACE -jungace.music@gmail.com
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- words by Joya Campbell