Bad Boy: The Troubled Dynasty

There hasn't been a reigning New York Conglomerate like that of Bad Boys since Notorious BIG's death. The following members: Biggie, Mase, Faith Evans, Mary j. Blidge, Total,112, Craig Mack, Mark Curry, The Lox, Lil Kim, Black Rob, Loon,Lil Cease, and oh gosh the list just goes on. The Mastermind behind all of this is the infamous Sean ("Puff Daddy,PDiddy,Diddy") Combs. How interesting his career has been from intern to dancer to the orchestra of the Biggest dynasty in hip-hop during the 90's.

It was spoken on recently amongst my peers how is it that such a company as Bad Boy has lasted this long, without that much to show for its self? Not one artist on the label is truly on the label lol. I mean every time someone signed to Bad Boy they were hot for a "moment" then disappeared. On paper Diddy still makes money off them as artist, they cant eat unless he eating and Diddy takes the bigger portion always. Lol Ive heard the rumors of him signing his soul to the devil, that he's on the down low and the rumors never cease. Funny though you do see he's never denied or spoken on the rumors at all. It isn't so much that I myself question them but honestly, how is it that Bad Boy still remains? And is all what people state true? Are there any prominent New York Artist on Bad Boy as of today? Makes me wonder does it matter? Somethings in due time come to light... until then "Sean Diddy Combs is basking in it all on his own"