Imagination Plays: Snoop Dogg "Wet"

Snoop Dogg has had me spellbound from my elementary years, when he came out with self titled song "Snoop Dogg".... I was always told I was singing it wrong, I personally didn't care. I was in love with HipHop especially Westcoast rap. Legendary Tupac and Snoop Dogg tantalized my young ears. This year Snoop Dogg does it again, the radio in NYC doesn't give this single much airplay so, Browneyedqweens will do the honor of pushing it for awhile. When this song comes on it seduces me from head to toe. My hips move ever so smoothly side to side, I bite down hard on my bottom lip as I close my eyes and let my imagination take Ladies ya'll see where I'm going... enjoy!