Mississippi'S Risen MC: Pyimfamous

It was 09 and Boston'S own EdoG was hosting Hip-Hop Unity Fest, The crowd was crazy amped as this young Southern gentleman starts to spit on stage. We gettin into his performance and his DJ just F's up this dude's whole set! Now you would think a person would quit after that right? NOPE! This dude brought it back tuned out the Naysayers and cursed the DJ then totally entrapped the crowd with his intellectual rhymes and twisted metaphors.He zoned out going over set time but it didnt matter at that point the crowd was captivated nothing could turn us loose, who dat is you ask... It was "Pyinfamous" Since then I've kept in contact with this Southern charmer,activist,entrepreneur and recently Crowned Coors Light Coldest MC... checkout the video and interview ...

Who is Pyinfamous AND Where does he hail from?

I'm from Mississippi - born and bred. I was born in the Mississippi Delta and grew up in a small town south of the state capitol. As far as who I am, I really just consider myself a regular guy who has been blessed to have a relationship with my Creator, relationships with awesome and talented people, and fantastic opportunities to touch people through my art.

What inspires the music,writing,performances in your musical career?

My music and writing are inspired by the struggles that I have gone through and that my family has seen. I also constantly draw from the suffering of the marginalized and socially and economically oppressed. On top of that, I just absolutely love hip-hop music, and I have since I was young.

My drive to give the fans a good show and to prove my talent as an emcee spark the passion in my performances. At the end of a show, I want the fans to walk away feeling like they saw one if the greatest shows in their lives, and I want rappers to reconsider rapping.

Whens the First time you touched the mic? At that moment did you know You wanted this "Rap thang"?

I think the first time I touched a mic was at an 8th grade dance. The rush I had that day was one I wanted to have over and over again.

Who in the rap game do you admire right now besides yourself?

I don't know that I admire myself, but there are a lot of emcees who I respect. Of course the greats like Mos Def, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe, and Common; newcomers like Jay Electronica and Blu; and some cats I dig who everyone should check out - Ahmad Rashad and Saddi Sundiata, Lexx Black, Secret Jones, Skipp Coon, Coke Bumaye, Moses Rockwell, and Hassaan Mackey.

Whats been the biggest achievement for you thus far in your musical career?

I would say that my biggest achievement is staying true to myself and my craft and still being able to get respect in any hip-hop circle and be crowned the Coors Light Coldest MC in the nation. That's what's most important to me - speaking truth on a record every time.

Finally, what can people/fans expect from Pyinfamous, musically wise before 2011 is out?

I have a few projects that I'll be finishing up this year - Great Minds Think Alike with producer Colin Dunbar from Canada; The Exception with Demo Beatz out of Boston, MA; and Final Discussion with Sam.I.Am out of Rochester. I'll probably try to drop at least one video this year too, and I'll always keep dropping plenty of freestyles via Twitter and FB.