Come take a look inside the VAULT . . .

“As an artist I just love the facts that my music could possible make someone feel good, and become motivated to take it to the next level. That’s what I want for people, to find peace, love, and prosperity. That’s why I say that at the end of all my messages because I’m searching for it and so should all my people” - Dremur

How can I describe Dremur? Ummm for starters how about hungry, passionate, laid back, and funny. Oh wait and my favorite he's "Mr Edible". The young Bronx native has taken the underground scene by storm since emerging into the rap game late Fall 2009. Dremur has found himself sharing stages with various up and coming artists such as Yc the Cynic, Kalil Kash, Wordspit, Hi-Jynx, Eric Sosa and so many other artist. My opinion Dremur is like a smooth mix of Common, Kanye, and Q-Tip. I got a chance to enjoy Dremur perform live at Harlem's own "The Vault". It was a dope performance. I was able to speak with him for a few minutes before the crowd tookover and music leaked from the speakers on stage. I honestly have to say he is a real humble dude. Dremur's stage presence spoke volumes of creativity!!! He has rocked shows from across states such as New York, New Jersey,Philly and much more. For more info on up and comming appearences and shows keep in contact with him on twitter @DREMURMUSIC

Speaking of Philly, I think Lloyd better watch his back because Philly's heart-throb the talented Beano has some heat for the summer. Beano the Gentleman was another opening performance before Dremur took the stage and boy was I surprised! Just when I thought I was going to be listening to another MC he starts singing! Beano has a beautiful voice and his stage prescence is so youthful and fun like. The ladies in the crowd were amazed and lullibied almost had he just sang to us. Guys and dolls I am telling you guys to check him and his music out! For more information on Beano the Gentleman you can find him on facebook: Beano and on twitter @JustBeano

words by Joya "Juicy" Campbell


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