Chaotic Moods (Single Momma Moment)

It seems to be that everything is clashing all around you and nothing seems to be fair. You calling on God for Guidance and it seems He aint hearin you. All I can hear for a brief moment is "Just Stand" (Donnie McClurkin), tears stream down your face and your pride feels broken. Doors have been closed in your face, not being able to get a breakthrough. You feel the need to scream! Inside ya voice yells out I need You Lord! Where art thou! Mistakes,mishaps,slips and falls bring you to reflect on all thats taken place. You come to your senses and start to break down what the heck is going to happen next? All you can do is "pray until something happens" however God does Help them that helps themselves. Miracles happen daily, reach out and talk to HIM. It helps, noone is perfect just be patient and stay faithful mothers. words by Candace Campbell

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