Black Rob "Game Tested, Street Approved"

Robert Ross, better known by his rap name Black Rob has something to prove to his fans, now back after a lengthy prison bid stemming from a robbery back in 2004. Rob says "Im back, working and making this music for yall, for the streets!" Black Rob has always been able to get on a track and make it pop. The former Bad Boy platnuim recording artist has always been talented. Black Rob has been fetured on many different songs with alot of different artist.

1996 - 112's "Come see me"
1997 - Faith Evans "Love Like This",
1997 - Mase "24 Hours To Live"
Puff Daddy & Bad Boy Family albums
1998 - Total "What About Us"
1999 - Biggie "The Notoroius B.I.G"
Black Rob has also worked with Cru, Benzino, Tony Touch, Channel Live, The Madd Rapper, Old Dirty Bastard, and others.

Black Rob is popular for his hit single "Whoa!" in 2000, which led Rob to drop his first album "Life Story". Black Rob's first album debuted as the #3 album in the top 200 Billboard chart, with an incredible 930,000 units sold. After dropping Life Story five years later Rob dropped his sophmore album titled "The Black Rob Report" which didnt produce the numbers that his last album did and to date only sold 90,000 units.

In 2006 the rapper was senteced to seven years in prison for missing a court date for a robbery back in 2004. Black Rob was released in the spring of 2010, and just 2 hours of him being released from prison he was in BET's studio to discuss his return and future plans. Black Rob is set to drop his 3rd album, "Game Tested, Streets Approved" Bad Boy "free" on July 26, 2011. Black Rob is now signed to an independent label called Duck Down Music INC. (

At his listening session held at SOB's this past wednesday night, Black Rob gives major props to his manager (Jemal Mosely) for always holding him down, even when Bad Boy downsized and eventually cut ties to the talented rapper. The Q&A session, hosted by Vibe's editorial director Dawton Thomas was very interesting. After 1 or 2 fruit cocktails courtesy of Jose Cuervo Platino, I began to disect his songs and loved his new music. "Celebration" and "Boiling Water" happen to be my two favorite songs sofar off the album. A few "ehhhh" songs of course (lol, sorry Rob) but over all, good music is what I was listening too. Rob says that this time around he feels that he is in better hands and is more prepared as far as his production is concerned. "At Bad Boy, there were times I had no music but still had to come up with songs." When asked what his views were on the state of hip hop and the music industry today Rob quickly answered saying "Same circus, different clowns". His 14-track album features great production from Buckwild, Coptic, and Black Rob himself.

"Alot of people love me, and they are going to love what Im doing!" -Black Rob

I say more power to you Rob! Hopefully there isn't any more jail time in your future and that more good music is on the way. Black Rob fans can purchase the deluxe-version on iTunes which includes three exclusive bonus tracks.

Words by Joya Campbell


  1. **edit** his manager that held him down was Jemal Mosely.