Ace Hood Album Listening EVENT

Once again Lil ole me (CC) needs to be on time for these events, I arrived to the Ace Hood Listening event at Jungle City Studio in the NYC. I entered the building and awaited the opening of the elevator, as the doors opened fame rapper Fabolous and his entourage step out complaining of the crowdedness upstairs in the studio. Already after looking upon the tall rapper and hearing the complaint i felt a lil relief. The doors open to the hall leading to the studio and BAM! The crowd is packed like sardines in a box, automatically I wasnt too happy. I made my way thru crowded studio seeing fellow bloggers/writers/promoters: JasFly (, Mecca (Source mag), Jumz(, Chris Lewis (, DJ Tommy Gunz( and plenty more faces in the heated space. Security was fickle, full of that bullsh*t. Too small of a venue it was, to have held such an artist like popular Ace Hood alongside "We the best" DJ KHaled. There was Unlimited supply of alcohol all night and much booty poppin groupies. Networking poppin and Foolery was at all time high! Never have I seen so much perpetrating folks in my life! Like I observed at Ace Hood event lastnight. Ace Hood music was poppin though, the radio friendly "Hustle Hard" and "Go, Get it" had the audience hype then going thru each single there were hit and misses. The lady friendly single featuring Chris Brown "Body to Body" (available on video now) was aight though it wasn't Ace's best work. Ace Hood brings to the game what I like bout Southern dudes "Reality". He goes much into depth bout the harsh conditions of the street life in much of his music and many shoutouts to those in his life before the fame. It definitely an upgrade/improvement from his previous line of work. I applaud him and his new found success, hopefully this is embark on a new error for the young artist...Over and OUT!