Rape vs. The Law

"As a feminist it really challenged my values to vote not guilty," Melinda Hernandez

NYC has embarked upon road of terrible rape trials, one case ending in a controversial "not guilty" verdict, two police officers were acquitted of raping an intoxicated woman and as result of no evidence (NO DNA)they were instead charged for "misconduct" for entering the apartment uninvited. One huge headliner that's in session is the case of outspoken hotel employee which, allegedly was forced to perform oral sex on the infamous former president of International Monetary Fund: Dominique Strauss-Kahn. I'm sadden by the many case's of rape amongst our women by influential men in the world and men of the law. They do what they want and try to get away with it because they are in a position of power. But they can't have much power, because women around the world continue to stand up for themselves and several others in this nation. I say, "never hold your tongue" always speak up for your rights. You as a woman are strong and powerful, just voicing yourself and taking a stand. I salute these two women who did that, thank you.