Is It True or False?>>>Beyonce- Run the World (LIES)

"Who run the world!?... Girls!" I came upon this video recently of this young lady shouting Bey out. She is stating Beyonce is a liar and I am feeling some kind of way about it. The female (Nineteen Percent) in this video has made many valid point's in reference to Beyonce's recent girl power song "Run the World (Girls)", however I just dont agree with it all. You see I believe in the "Pussy Is Power" theory, its all in what you allow kind of scenario. This young lady is basically voicing to me, the negative side to the reality of Women's rights in this society and abroad. It is Women whom have the right to choose what they can&can't happen to them. Yes we as women must fight for alot in this country(USA) and aboard, but it doesn't mean that we are powerless! When I see women in all field's of work that were/are male dominanted that is empowering to me,it let's me know women can make differences. When I see mother's run whole households and corporations thats powerful to me. In ancient history, wars like in the movie "Troy" show us as women how powerful the pussy is and the extend of how far men will go to prove their right to a woman. I laugh to myself often because of the word "BITCH"... women take power over that word often so I look candidly at females when they are offended, when being called one by a male or female. Its contradicting dont you think? Beyonce felt encouraged by her experiences oversea's while traveling during her tour's,by watching her mother's work ethic, by seeing how much women are changing the politics&value's across the board. This song may seem cheesy or just put together last minute, but it speaks volume's to the uplifting of women is how I feel; especially as a single mother handling everything on my own. I salute women who take no Bullish! No easy ways out ...I salute Women who stand for whats right and stand their ground.... Ladies am I right or wrong? you decide...