HOT 97 Summer Jam 2011: BrowneyedQweens Rocks Live!

Hot 97 made history once again this year! Summer Jam 2011 was all the way TURNED UP! Yesterday 50,000 hip hop heads from all over took over The New Meadow Lands Stadium(District 97), to rock out with some of Hip Hop's biggest stars.

This years line up included : Lil Wayne & Young Money, Birdman, Chris Brown, Dipset, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks & G-Unit, Wiz Khalifa, and Wacka Flocka Flame

I must first say this "I love Chris Brown" lol I always have. His return to the Summer Jam stage was a great one. Breezy's energy is so potent and powerful. He performed "She Aint you", "My Last" w/guest Big Sean. Breezy said "Yall weren't fucking with me two years ago but, "Look at me Now" w/guest Busta Rhymes. Bussa Bus and Breezy were on fire. Brown truly, truly, aimed to please the crowd. One thing that I am sure of is that he made one fan very, very happy last night. Breezy performed "No Bullshit" and had a audience member come on stage ... He gave her 3 hard humps and some kisses to her neck which I'm sure sent her over board. The fan smiled from ear to ear.

Queens, was definitely in the building. Lloyd Banks put on a good performance w/friends Jeremiah, Ryan Leslie, and Mobb Deep. Took us back w/some throwback Ny shit. Banks I think was so hot he threw his Gucci blazer into the crowd switched up again and then threw another piece of clothing into the crowd. Banks also had Lloyd come on stage and sing to the ladies, well the single ladies anyway. All the single ladies got all the shout out all night! Queens finest DJ Love Dinero was on the one's and twos rocking out with Wacka Flocka Flame also a Queens native. Wacka Flocka came through and brought his hype man skills too, turning it up a notch for all the summer jam fans. He must have been very hot, it didn't take to long to see his beer belly. Wacka says "Ahhh Yeahh, NY know how to party, and das what Imma do Yeahhh! "

I was so excited to see Wiz Khalifa perform live and he didn't disappoint me either. The black and yellow wearing Pitts Berg new comer did his thing performing some of my favorite song of his brand new album "Rolling Papers".

The Summer Jam veteran took the stage with a black and white checkered Bow tie on his shirt, lol yes I'm talking about Fabulous. The verbal genius performed some hot trax off his new mix tape called the "Soul Tape". Fab is one of my favorite rappers. His swagg is so brooklyn so smooth, lol so Fabolous. He also performed with Ryan Leslie.

Let's take it Uptown ... Next stop Harlem! Freaky Zeeky, Juelz, Jimmy and that man Cam'ron took over the summer jam stage individually but came together collectively. Juelz hyped the crowd "If yall happy Dipset back together make some NOISE!!! The summer jam stage looked like a scene outta Paid In Full, the stage was packed with most likely all of Harlem. Cam brought Vado out, Jimmy let Olivia grace our ears with a snippet of "December". Looking onto the stage all I could see was, thugged out gangster dudes and weed smoke like crazy. I also happen to witness a baby gangster on the stage as well. I'm guessing lil juju is getting big, and wants to be like daddy. Go figure.
As I walk out of the bathroom, the entire stadium goes pitch black for a few seconds. Candace and I rush back to the floor practically flying to our seats. Greetings from Mars our favorite alien has landed. The one and only Tunchi is now about to shutdown Summer Jam 2011. He is colorful too, green shorts, yellow sweater, long socks and red nikes. I've never seen the crowd get so crazy, everybody's hands looked like they were puppets to the sky as hands danced in the night sky. I was over whelmed when Weezy performed his new single "How to love" along with his verse from K. Rowland "Motivation". The best rapper alive asked if the Ladies needed some motivation, and the ladies howled yes!!!! Weezy then took of his sweater. He's such a tease, he then said "Yall thought I was taking my shirt off, ha ha its bout to get hot!" Tunchi jumped right into "Fire Flame" and brings out who Wayne refers to as his father Birdman! YMCMB was in the building. Weezy is the best rapper alive and his protege Drake isn't ro far behind him. "I'm On ONE" must have played twice that night, like yo dj run that one back. Funny I thought Nicki Minaj would have been there but I did not see or witness her being in the building. With a powerful buzz and an album due on shelves within weeks Lil Wayne wowed his fans through out his whole performance and told us to keep 3 things in mind : " #1 I believe in God, #2 I aint shit with out you, and #3 I aint shit with out you!" Thank you Goodnight

words by Joya Campbell