Ladies: N.O.W. Gearin' UP iN Florida

THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN! LADIES OUR MARCHERS FOR EQUALITY WILL BE IN FLORIDA RILING UP THE PEOPLE! For June 24-26 2011... The National Organization for Women will hold their conference for 2011 in Embassy Suites Tampa-USF, 3705 Spectrum Boulevard, Tampa, Fla. They will speak based on this year's theme: "Daring to Dream: Building a Feminist Future". The National Feminist group is going to speak on the continued advancement of the following topics like: equality, fairness, opportunity, non-violence and empowerment. This is the largest Conference held every year with huge turn outs. A big issue at the forefront that is to be pushed on is 2012 Election stated by NOW President Terry O'Neil...The list of speakers are: Marleine Bastien(executive director of Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc.) Sonia Pressman Fuentes(founder of the Women's Equity Action League and Federally Employed Women) Patricia Schroeder(founder of the Congressional Women's Caucus; chair of the Children, Youth and Families Committee; a whip and a member on the Judiciary Committee)
Sam Bennett(founded and has led for over 20 years Properties of Merit) Gabi Gregg(creator of Young,Fat&Fabulous blog) Pam Spaulding(editor and publisher of Pam's House Blend)
Melanie Campbell( president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation) Dr. Nancy Klimas( receipent of NOW award for Womens Health) Dr. Maya Rockeymoore(president and CEO of Global Policy Solutions)
Jane Castor(Tampa Police Officer of 27 yrs) Celinda Lake(prominent pollster and political strategist for Democrats and progressives) Olga Vives(Woman of Action Honoree)Kate Dillon(fashion model&humanitarian) and Katie Makkai(creator of Denver Poetry Slam)