Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

Upon the other night, with high anticipation I had released what I thought was the official...till I found out that Beyonce had release the official version upon Wed. May 18 0n the show American Idol.... This is an anthem Im sure Beyonce picked to pop the Summer off with. Women across the world had mixed reviews on Bey's new single but like most who hear this daily, by radio waves we sing in unison. The beat or new outtake on what Beyonce betrays in her music is what you call "House Music" incorporated in London and most European nation nightlife. She, Beyonce claims shes creating a new version of her music but truthfully she taking a formula rite out of the London nightlife music and puttin her name on it... Its always smart to expand your mind on who/what did the music and origin. However above all this song ignites excellence and BrowneyedQweens stamp its approval.