Does America Care? 1st Lady Obama and Lady Bidden team up to Support the Troops


Lately the United States has been going through WAR alot lately, based on statistics 1% of the US is in the war fighting .... Upon today first Lady Obama and Dr. Biden (wife of VP Joe Biden) appeared upon the View today to push the initiative to build better support for military families. Lady Michelle Obama stated that her and Jill Biden "had the best positions in the White House" For they able to choose their topics and voice their opinions on what they feel needs a voice. They have teamed up together to educate America on the tremendous sacrifice that military families go through for this country. At least 1% of the United States population serves in the military. Alot of Americans are unaware of this and many other situations military spouses go through while their mate is away at WAR. On the View today Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden(wife of VP Biden) spoke on what they encounter as they traveled the country and across seas amongst military personnel and families. In reflection of today's show the View had only Military families and spouses plus personnel as the main audience. Lets get it together America...yes they don't have to..but they do it everyday ...bravely serve for us and this Country USA....SUPPORT AND CHECK OUT http://www.joiningforces.gov/  you can make a big difference in someones life.