Respected Sir/Madam

Respected Sir/Madam,

I hope you are not offended with my impromptu message. I am Nirmala
Kirloskar, a citizen of India but now resident in the UK 5 years, I wish
to intimate you of a beneficial transaction. I only pray you have the
capacity to do it. Before my current job as a sales person, I worked with
a man who still communicates with me till date and entrusted me with most
of his secrets. Recently I was told that he was very sick so I went to see
him. During my visit to him, he asked me if I could help him look after
his daughter and I agreed. Then he asked me if I could secure his
daughter's future by making good investment of some amount of his money?
To this, I could not say a thing because I do not know how to invest money
wisely; I have always been an employee. So he asked me to get someone
close to me whom I can trust and be confident in.

Since I am an orphan with two little kids and no husband, the only option
is to seek for someone intelligent enough to do an investment for us. My
ex-boss is a very wealthy man, so I trust he is talking about a generous
amount here. I could only know if I tell him I am ready with the

Sir/madam, I do not know you, and I am not prepared to disappoint my
ex-boss. Not in this life! Someone told me to try email broadcast and that
is why I am sending this email. If you are a good investor and a sincere
person, please write back to me as soon as possible. My ex-boss insists I
get this over with at once. He will let us know what to do when you
respond. If not just destroy this email.

Nirmala Kirloskar