Contact my counsel.

Dear Friend,

Compliments of the day and God's blessings

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully concluded the
transaction, the funds was transferred to London. It was transferred
through the assistance of a new found partner from UK. Currently I am in
London with him.

However, I did not forget you because you are the source of my success,
you made me what I am now though you are not there to complete this
project with me but I give all the credit and thanks to you. I know it was
not your fault or rather your wish to back off on me and the transaction,
I understood it was simply because of what you must have heard about
Africa and her business opportunities. Actually there are still good ones.

In appreciation of your assistance, I have mapped out a compensation sum
and written in your favor a bank Draft worth of US$3.7000,000.00.(Three
Million seven hundred thousand United States Dollars Only) I left the
Draft with my counsel, Barr.Jamal Nafad on my departure to London. I
would like you therefore, to contact him on the below information, and
give him your physical address where he should deliver the bank draft to
you. Kindly contact him because I have told him about you.

Name: Barr. Jamal Nafad

Email: jamalnafad2@yahoo.com.hk

Contact my cancel with the above contact information, so that he will send
your Draft to you. I will stop here,Once again thank you very much and
remain blessed.

Engr. Daniel Chukwuka


Re: respond asap.

From Dr. Idris Dantata
Chairman Payment Committee
Presidential Villa Abuja

Dear Beneficiary

This letter is written to you in order to change your Life from today as you have been listed as one of those VICTIM who lost huge sum of money while trying to receive your payment from Nigeria, London, USA etc, we also want to inform you that during the last Head of States Meeting in the African Union (AU) in which Nigeria is a Leading Member Country, we were directed to refund to you the sum of $900,000 which covers the money you lost plus accrued interest generate.

We wish to inform you that the members of Payment Committee are honorable men of Great Repute and Intergrity who have served the Government of Nigeria in both local and International capacities, we also wish to inform you that the Committee members were appointed by our respected President to pay foreign Debt such as Contract Debt, Inheritance/Next of Kin Debt, Compensation Debt, Lottery Debt, Purchase/Sales of Good Debt, and all other Foreigner debt own by Nigeria Government, in order to restore good image to international communities. You are advice to reply back immediately you receive this mail, so that you will receive your own payment. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA HEREBY ADVICE YOU TO HENCEFORTH STOP COMMUNICATING WITH THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN DECEIVEING YOU FOR TOO LONG AND WORK WITH THIS COMMITTEE TO RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY COMMITTEE APROVED BY NIGERIA GOVERNMENT AND AFRICAN UNION TO MAKE PAYMENT TO YOU.

You are therefore advised to foward the following information below to enable us proceed with the processing of your payment.

1.Full Name:.........
2.Full Address:......
3.Cell Phone Number:.....
5.marital status.....
7.A scan copy of your identification:....

Dr. Idris Dantata
Chairman Payment Committee
Presidential Villa Abuja Nigeria.